Haiku Challenge…

Eric Alagan runs a superb site called Written Words Never Die. You can access his wonderful site here.

It is filled with choice postings, as well as thoughtful commentary. I highly recommend this site for all the writers out there.

And the title to this particular blog? Well,  it was an idea of Eric’s, a haiku based on ‘Who is the Boss.’ And this is what I came up with:

Feline somewhat bold
Stride purposely past Canine
Mere subject; my realm.

Please do stop by his excellent site and post your own haiku. Eric is always kind enough to add his own personal touch to your words.

And as always, thank you for stopping by here.

4 responses to “Haiku Challenge…

  1. Oh man, this is so generous of you – to mention me. It is your haiku, your blog and —-

    Well, thank you and I am so grateful.

    All good wishes go with you and yours always,

    • Good morning, Eric,

      It is my sincere pleasure to have mentioned your wonderful blog, one filled with keen insights and refreshing, kind commentary. And thank you for following my blog! I am deeply chuffed.
      Cheers, and have a splendid weekend.
      Take care,

  2. Will definitely check out the site you mentioned

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