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All Is Good…

The weather here, however dreary this morn’, proved quite lovely in the afternoon. Gravid clouds gave way to streaks of brilliant sun. Humidity crept back in, keeping fall at bay. Andi, our dog, despite the early morning dew, relished the early hour walk, replete with birdsong and fantastical web designs, spun by nocturnal arachnids.

My new job has proved most exciting, and it’s a comfort to know that I can once again provide a few shekels to our coffers, a few dinars to deflect the crush of grocery bills and such. The such being gas, for example. Isn’t it absolutely amazing how much we all spend on providing movement for our respective vehicles? And should gas cost as much as it does? Don’t get me started.

Andi and our three cats are doing quite well, although at times a couple of our kitties have escaped during the night, disappearing into the dark, inky depths to locales unknown to humans. Perhaps there resides a kitty bar, somewhere deep in the recesses of reeds and swamps, where toads and frogs keep rhythmic splendor to the swaying cats in attendance. Who knows?

Andi, however, stays within. He is our constant. He lies with us while we tune into the latest episode of ‘Breaking Bad’, or the new installment of ‘Dexter’. We can’t imagine him out for the entire evening. But then, perhaps there is a dog dive of bar somewhere, a complement to the feline tavern, where Andi can plop his paws on a plank and order a ‘Hair of a Dog’, the pub special. (They name it so, thinking  humans cannot possibly understand the humor present.)

That’s all for now, just a touch of nonsense and whimsy, something to post, something that flitted across my mind while my Lovely lies near, reading her magazines, and where my college-aged stepson lies nearby as well, soaking in the Red Sox, and while the three of us (well, four, if you count the ever-present Andi) await the return of our 12 year-old from a church dance, just down the street.)

All in all, a very good day. I am blessed with a very good life, health, and a never-ending stream of antics provided by our menagerie and boys on the cusp of manhood.

May your own evening give you a modicum of perspective and calm.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2013, All Rights Reserved.


The Write Stuff…

Yeah, overused title and all, but apropos of late. I know I have been remiss in my postings. Excuses? Sure. Who doesn’t have them?

New house, new job, new responsibilities. But who doesn’t have these things? A few variations, granted, but in the end it remains the remaining time in the day to park one’s buttocks into  a relatively comfortable chair and begin to write. Again. And again.

My good friend Eric Alagan, at his superb site, Written Words Never Die, reminded me of this—in a way—when he wrote me and mentioned that he’d stopped by my blog, but found nothing new. He was a dear soul,  a fellow writer, taking the time to stop by my site to see if anything new was up and about. I was chuffed by his comment.

Chuffed, yet alarmed as well. It made me wonder how many other people, who have perused my site in the past, had done just that; paused briefly to check in, to see if I had written anything new. New words, new insights, clever stories. But no. They stopped by only to find nothing.

What the hell is this rambling all about? Well, it’s about goddamn writing, that’s what. It’s about getting your (mine) goddamn ass into a chair and write. And if we don’t do that, how the hell can we call ourselves writers?

On that note, due to the unintended prodding of M. Alagan, I shall once again commit pen to paper, a keystroke to monitor, and produce something to ply online. Have I been writing? Yes. On napkins, on backs of envelopes, stray ragged papers, a torn receipt here and there. But not sitting down in a chair, composing something of length.

I have written this in one stretch, lying in bed, pissed at myself for allowing so much time to have elapsed since my last posting of my dear Pops.

If one does not commit pen to paper, every day, than the flow, the rush, the spark, is lost.

We all know many quotes from published authors, about the need to do just that. Sit, every day, and write. I won’t belabor these individual quotes, as you already know them.

Stay tuned. I will appreciate that. And I will continue to write and blog, much like Eric does, on a regular basis.

I thank you, Mr. Alagan, for stirring my prose once again.

Until my next blog, here’s to all my fellow writers. Banish hesitancy; begin to write.

The flow of words will allow that long lost smile to once again embrace your face.

©Paul Grignon, 2013, All Rights Reserved.