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Gypped at Geno’s…

There comes a day of reckoning, when Karma presents itself in all its hindsight beauty to the recipient, when all who have screwed you over, or cheated you, or have taken advantage of you, manifests and brings justice to all the wrongs perpetrated.

May Karma at some point reveal itself to Geno’s.

My wife called me at work the other day. She had been in an accident. All the airbags went off and, as she sat there, bewildered and in a daze, some kind Samaritan yanked open her passenger side door and said, “Jesus, Lady! You have to get out! You can’t breathe in that dust!”

Luckily my wife was able to exit the crumpled car. The police soon came, and her car was towed to Geno’s. And this is where one hopes Karma will eventually pay a visit to Chicopee.

I immediately left work, took the Pike to the Chicopee exit, picked up my wife where she worked, and traveled back to our house. She complained of chest pains, from the full frontal assault of the airbag, and she applied an ice pack to alleviate the pain. I was relieved to know that that was the only pain she had suffered in the accident.

I then called Triple A (if you do not have the premium service, I recommend it. It is well worth the money) and told them of the situation. Unfortunately, they could not transport her vehicle to the auto shop we chose until we drove back out to Chicopee, signed a few release papers, and paid a preposterous some of money for said privileges.

$276.21 to be exact. I was flabbergasted.

“How can it cost so much to have our car taken out of your business?” I inquired, immediately perturbed and flummoxed by such a sum.

“Well, for towing it was $90. And then there’s the $1.70 per mile charge. We also have a clean-up fee of such-and-such, and then to release the car from our yard for Triple A is another $75.00,” the woman said on the phone. (They do not allow AAA to take the car from the yard; for the $75, they have a driver take it out onto the street, where AAA can then deal with it.)

I responded, “How can you possibly justify such expenses? It’s absolutely ludicrous! How about I just pay you the towing fee of $90 and call it even?”

“I’m sorry, sir. You’ll have to come here and sign the papers and pay the full amount.”

Two hundred and seventy-six dollars and twenty-one cents. Ridiculous! For what? So the police could get a cut of the money, for hiring Geno’s to tow the car to their garage? For $35 a day for storage…for sitting in their lot and, if we didn’t arrive before 2:30pm, they would tack on another $35!

Needless to say, I was irate. No, I was livid. It was nothing more than sheer thievery; towing, storage, clean-up fees (What is that, anyway? My wife told me the Good Samaritan cleaned up the debris from the accident), fluid disposal…and the ridiculous list went on.

We drove down there, paid the extortion, and waited for AAA. In the meantime, my wife asked if I could see the car, to witness the damage. The woman behind the plexiglass informed us that we would have to wait for Triple A, that it was in the yard. She basically treated my wife as though she were a criminal. There were no comments of “Geez, I hope you’re okay,” or “Are you all right? That must have been a bad accident!” No, nothing of that ilk. Strictly business. Pay up, or no release of your car.

Triple A arrived and Walter, the driver, was exceedingly polite and concerned. He bid us safe travels and wished my wife good health, comments far removed from the employees of Geno’s. There only concern was that our credit card went through.

My wife took the day off to recuperate. Her chest still hurts, and her doctor told her to rest, that she probably had a bruised sternum. I sit here composing this post, as my wife fitfully slumbers, and ponder the nature of such people, such businesses that feel the need to wring wallets dry of citizens, tacking on unfathomable fees, all to pad the almighty goddamn bottom line.

I try, on a daily basis, to embrace the wisdom and beauty of Buddhism. Yet when something like this enters your life, when your Beloved is hurt and is shaken from such an ordeal, when you actually witness the devastation of such an accident, you have to wonder about the callousness of such business entities.

It was the epitome of insult to injury—quite literally.

May Karma, in all its infinite guises, pay a quiet yet profound visit to Geno’s.

Perhaps in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing more than a mere triviality. But no one—no one— should have to suffer such injustices.


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Eliminating Isolation…

Yeah, it has been a while since last I posted something. No excuses, though. There never are excuses when it comes to your passions. Mine? Writing and painting. Have I done a ton of either over the past four months? That would be a resounding No.

Why? No time? Too busy? Caught up in other things? All utter codswallop. What I have been doing, though, is wasting time doing…nothing. I have allowed the Big Suck of inertia to rest comfortably on my heavy shoulders, a presence foul with indecision and fetid whispers, draining my creative juices into the putrid cesspool of procrastination and fear.

But recently I joined this site. It’s a beginning. It has given me a foothold into the sphere of writing once again. Please do stop by this site and say hi to Marcy and all the other fine writers out there. It’s not too late to add your own unique approach to these exercises.

And as such, this has allowed me to slowly eliminate my self-imposed exile and isolation. My fingers have begun to thaw, and once again am I pecking at those white-lettered keys, composing passages here and there, and I have returned to my fledgling novel, one that has sat tucked away, mouldering in a folder on my lapop, patiently waiting for me to open it up and finish my first book.

In the aforementioned site, the challenges speak of welcoming Fear, not to conquer or vanquish it but to realize it exists, that it will always reside near you, within you, waiting to see what you will do with it.

Will you allow the negativity to flow freely, stunting your writing, relegating your hapless soul into a quivering mass of indecision, or will you welcome it as a friend, to keep it close and quiet, where as you begin to write, more and more, it will behave and sit silent. But know that it will always search for a chink, a way back in.

Fear (isolation) is synonymous with the great wide and wild Unknown, the vast landscape of uncertainty, where nothing more than a daunting white rectangle and a nagging cursor stares back at you. The fear with the unknown is like some malformed ragged beast, haunting the periphery, lurking in dark shadows, waiting for the chance to pounce and shred your Muse.

But, to paraphrase Elizabeth Gilbert from her fine new book, Big Magic, if we do not embrace such thoughts, such stories, such welcome ideas into our head they will, eventually, disappear and seek refuge in someone elses cerebellum, where those ideas–your ideas!–will be fashioned into prose.

Do not allow that to happen. Nay, best to treat your fear as your friend. Only then will the hesitation blues pass on by.

If you, like me, have recently suffered from isolation, of self-distrust in your abilities, go join a writing site. Or an artists site. Or musicians group. Eliminating isolation and self-doubt will allow you to plunge your spirit, your artistic Muse, back into all that you find passionate.

I am working on it. I have composed this post. It has been a while, yes, but damn does it feel good writing once again!

And as soon as I let you go with these last few words, I will go back to my desktop, open that folder and begin anew with editing my work in progress.

My parting words and advice?

Just sit tight…and write.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by.


Copyright, 2016, Paul Grignon, all rights reserved.