Monthly Archives: November 2012

Write Away…

I haven’t been posting of late. It’s not because I have nothing to say, nor has it been because I’ve been lazy. No, far from that, for I’ve been furiously writing a novel this month, fully plunged into the frenzied November activity called NANOWRIMO.

For those unfamiliar with that acronym, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. The beauty of it is that anyone, from any level, can join. And it’s free! And there’s tons of support and forums and pep talks and it’s all good.

The idea is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. So that averages out to 1,667 words per day for 30 days. As of right now, I have surpassed the 43,000 mark, ahead of schedule, and I do believe I will have more than the required total.

At the conclusion to this hectic and harried event, you send in your word total to the site. They will verify that you have indeed reached the goal of 50,000 words and then you are declared a winner! Do you receive cash prizes? Do you win dinner with Paul Theroux, or any author of your choice? Do you get to immediately sign a fat contract from a New York publisher?

No, you don’t get any of those things. What you do get is self-recognition that you–yes you–completed the task at hand. YOU have written a book in one month. (Well, a novella, but at least you did it!)

Go to the Nano site HERE and look over the particulars. Some people spend the entire month of October, prepping and outlining their novel. I had only a mere kernel of an idea for a book, a Dystopian Romance, and ran with it. I had no outline whatsoever. I simply plowed ahead, keyboarding into the great wide Unknown.

And now here I am, on November 26th, with over 43,000 words under my belt. It has been an amazing ride thus far, and it has been a wonder to ‘see’ characters develop and form from  my imagination. They seem to be conjured from out of thin air. (And there’s a lot of thin air in my noggin.)

I must admit it has been a challenge not to go back and edit, and tweak, and all that good editing stuff. The idea is to write away with abandon, mistakes and misspellings alike. December is for editing.

By joining this great community, it has shown me the necessary discipline to get the words out…no matter what. And I have succeeded.

So that’s where I’ve been for the past few weeks. Please do go to that site and see what it’s all about. Who knows? Maybe after December’s editing, I might just have a working novel in hand.

Now, back to the ol’ keyboard. Let’s see, where did I leave off….