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Brenton Point Revisited…

Perhaps these passages pale with the prose of Waugh’s Brideshead, but bear with me as I expound further upon this enchanting expanse of shoreline.

Since last I revealed this gem of land in a previous posting, Julie and I once again embarked upon the byways to partake in these healing environs. On a cool gray morning, with nickel-colored skies, we ventured along various routes to reach our destination. Along the way, the sun deigned to appear, scattering the remnants of clouds with her resplendent arrival in the heavens.

This time we opted to forgo the search for a bagel and traveled directly to Brenton Point. No kite festival was visible, and many parking spots were to be had. Since it was rather humid, and only a slight on-shore breeze allowed a semblance of coolness, we parked our chairs around the bend, along the path near the exposed rocks, to get the brunt of what meager breezes blew in from the sea. And if one chooses to sit along the ledge, a whisper of a wind is bound to find you.

This then is what Brenton Point has to offer; brilliant skies, with only a hint of clouds, sparkling surf, and an abundance of sun. Camped out along the shore, sitting in our beach chairs, watching the sailboats come and go, indulging in a snack or two, how can one possibly argue about its immense appeal?

As the sun arced its way across the sea, we packed up and changed into bike apparel. Mind you, not the preposterous donning of spandex, but simply slapping on socks, sneakers, and a T-shirt. What more does one really need when traveling by bike along the ocean? With said apparel and a full bottle of water for our ride, we set off along Ocean Drive, past Gooseberry Beach, and toward Bellevue Ave.

Once at that corner of Ocean Avenue and Bellevue is attained, there is a tiny circular drive there that one can park their bikes and walk a little ways to a most delightful beach, replete with sand and surf and a magnificent spot to watch the sun set. But we did not come here for that as we wished to witness the splendor of the sun slip below the horizon from our original location, that of Brenton Point.

But, while there, we traveled along the Cliff Walk for a spell, marveling at the mansions that we came across, and soaked up the atmosphere. One expansive house was in a state of disrepair, and one can only wonder how such a magnificent structure could fall into such ruin. The Fall of the House of Usher immediately came to mind, the first few pages of Poe’s exquisite prose quite fitting for this haunting and dilapidated dwelling.

Upon our return to the beach, we lingered for a while, sampling gritty snacks (the sand always finds a way into your food) and then we were off, back to Brenton Point.

The sun now was set low in the sky, blinding in its brilliance upon the sea, ‘sparklies’ as Julie calls them. We set up our chairs once again, and simply sat there, reading occasionally, and marveled at the timeless vista before us.

If you have a spare afternoon, or perhaps the entire day, Brenton Point is a destination for harried souls. Once your vehicle is parked, and the ignition disengaged, so too, will your soul be free from worry, instead plunged into the spirit and splendor of the sea.

Go. Find a pleasant spot there and replenish your being. The summer is, alas, fading too fast. Where will you be, when summer is gone? Become one with nature again, as we are all meant to be.

Breathe deep the briny and…enjoy.

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