Eric Alagan’s 33-word Flash Fiction…

Please do go to Eric’s wonderful site, Written Words Never Die (here) and participate in his latest challenge, a chance to compose something short pertaining to writing.

Here is my 33-word submission:

The sheet before us, white, we seek,

A word to write, a phrase, a pause…we think;

A blank canvas greets our mind, quite bleak,

Yet the Muse arises, and provides the ink.

Let Eric read your words and he will always respond with kind words and graciousness. Oh, and do peruse his other posts as well. The site is well worth the visit.


5 responses to “Eric Alagan’s 33-word Flash Fiction…

  1. You are ever so kind Paul, in mentioning me. We can all do our little part, I reckon.

    Have a great weekend ahead,

  2. Dear Eric,

    It was my pleasure, as it always good to get the word out on sites such as yours that are elegant, engaging, and informative. It’s nice to know that many others agree with me. Take care, and have a pleasant weekend as well.

  3. Love this! Put a smile on my face and made me laugh at out loud. As soon as hubby’s off the phone *looks over shoulder*, I’ll ask him to take a gander. Also, I’ve never realised how much I like the word ‘ink’ . . . ink, ink, ink.

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