Monthly Archives: January 2015

Christmas Presently…


Tis true, today is Three Kings’ Day, but twelve days ago it was Christmas.

A time of remembrance, of warmth, of gatherings near a healing hearth. And all of that was present this past Christmastime, a holiday spent with family.


Our Nightmare-Before-Christmas sort of snowman greeted all who crossed our threshold. There is nothing more inviting than entering a dwelling from frigid conditions and witness a plethora of radiant candles, beacons of welcome and comfort.

Our simple residence was festooned with an eclectic selection of holiday trinkets, from antique ornaments to slightly kitschy gewgaws scattered about.


Reindeer, Santa, and  glistening balls covered sundry surfaces, all giving a festive glow to the interior.


Nutcrackers held sway from above, their solemn gaze impenetrable, like the Moai from Easter Island, the former regaled in wondrous costume.


In other recesses, various St. Nicks’ peered from candlelit corners, admiring the walls bedecked in Christmas attire.


Wassailers perched under laden boughs, wishing all a healthy holiday season and new year.


Other characters wishing the same huddled in darkled corners, while a wan candle allowed a semblance of warmth.


May the warmth of our simple home provide you all a glimpse into comfort and calm in the New Year and may much health and happiness be yours.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, All Rights Reserved.