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Christmas Presently…


Tis true, today is Three Kings’ Day, but twelve days ago it was Christmas.

A time of remembrance, of warmth, of gatherings near a healing hearth. And all of that was present this past Christmastime, a holiday spent with family.


Our Nightmare-Before-Christmas sort of snowman greeted all who crossed our threshold. There is nothing more inviting than entering a dwelling from frigid conditions and witness a plethora of radiant candles, beacons of welcome and comfort.

Our simple residence was festooned with an eclectic selection of holiday trinkets, from antique ornaments to slightly kitschy gewgaws scattered about.


Reindeer, Santa, and  glistening balls covered sundry surfaces, all giving a festive glow to the interior.


Nutcrackers held sway from above, their solemn gaze impenetrable, like the Moai from Easter Island, the former regaled in wondrous costume.


In other recesses, various St. Nicks’ peered from candlelit corners, admiring the walls bedecked in Christmas attire.


Wassailers perched under laden boughs, wishing all a healthy holiday season and new year.


Other characters wishing the same huddled in darkled corners, while a wan candle allowed a semblance of warmth.


May the warmth of our simple home provide you all a glimpse into comfort and calm in the New Year and may much health and happiness be yours.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, All Rights Reserved.

Bonne année et bonne santé!


Trinkets for the Tree!

The new year has arrived and the vestiges of Christmas have been safely tucked away. Even though we have had our decorations and tree up since Thanksgiving, it always seems like a whirlwind, like the ambiance of the season paid only a brief visit. Before you know it, it’s time to take everything down, the tree relegated to the back yard, a fine refuge for birds.


Miles the Cat

I sit here in my barren living room, and the place always appears larger when the décor of December is stored. Now the easy chair has been returned to its perch near the front window, and the rocking chair has been reinstated near the TV. The cats have missed it, as they frolic within its legs, pouncing on toy mice that lurk in the recesses of a scratching post.


The kids all aglow.

The new year is indeed here, and back to some choice writing. During the month of December, I managed only 13,000 words toward my novel (whereas November, and NANOWRIMO, contained over 50,000 words) but now that the festivities have concluded, it’s back to the keyboard.

I just wanted to share a few thoughts on the conclusion to this most celebratory time of year, from the initial anticipation of unraveling tissues filled with baubles and gewgaws for the tree, to wrapping presents for loved ones, to the sense of melancholy when the season has ended and Christmas songs and the glitter and decorations that festooned the walls must come down.

When everything is safely put away ‘til next  year, and the house appears sparse, it always reminds me of a scene from the Grinch. It’s when he’s already confiscated the decor and then he shoves the tree up the chimney. He returns to snatch the last crumb from a flummoxed rodent. That’s how bare our dwelling feels. (Although there are no unsightly hooks and wires left to behold.)

Yes, the Yule season has ended, but 2013 is upon us. A brand new year filled with…well, filled with what?

What will you do in the next 361 days?

May the new year bring you many surprises, laughter, and peace of mind.


Miles not amused.

Christmastime is here…

Our tree!With the conclusion of Thanksgiving, Julie and I look forward to purchasing a Christmas tree.

We’ve had our tree up since November 24th. Yes, that is a long time to expect a tree to keep sucking water, and I believe ours has reached  peak saturation. And it’s not even Christmas! But it has been an immense pleasure to gaze every evening  at the myriad of baubles that grace its branches.

Early December always holds a sense of wonder. It is the beginning of ornaments and decorations festooned around the neighborhood; a house, with only a single string of white lights; another, replete with the ubiquitous reindeer and a Santa waving at the door. Still others opt for gaudiness, the entire residence glowing in a nocturnal blaze of holiday blinking lights.

The season never fails to elicit a slight discomfort, though. Perhaps it is because Christmas is all about kids, and luckily we have two wonderful boys to lavish gifts upon. Nothing extravagant, mind you, but a modest pile of presents that will, hopefully, garner at least a semblance of a smile.

That sense of discomfort or, more aptly put, melancholy can, at times, be pervasive. Why? Because we are not children any more. I remember vividly the sheer excitement of the season, of the Eternal wait, just waiting for Christmas Eve, knowing that the next day was special and filled with wonder. I doubt I slept at all as a child of six or seven. Now we are adults, and yet that same sense of wonder still exists, the excitement for the big day. But there is no return. Only the same Christmas songs bring you back to that aura of being a child.

As December marches along, more houses are lit in holiday spirit. Now, practically all houses in our neighborhood harbor at least a string of lights. Some hang only a simple yet calming string of muted blue lights, the perfect accompaniment to a December dusk.

In our house every room has ornaments, even the bathroom. Along with putting up the tree, it remains a wonder lugging up the bins of decorations and see what treasures are within. The bins are simply labeled ‘Xmas Ornaments’, so it is always that sense of excitement when we unravel the tissue paper and reveal what  resides within.

Before bed, we turn off the TV and marvel at the tree, looking at each sparkling ornament, the lights illuminating some deeply recessed. Candles flicker and add to the atmosphere of comfort and calm, and we are indeed very lucky to witness such beauty.

I wish everyone out there a most comforting, calm, and joyful holiday season and may the new year be a harbinger of all things beautiful.

“I’ll get you, my pretty…”

A Christmas ornament fell and shattered, and what remained were these legs.

Instead of gluing them back on, I had another idea.

They now protrude from ‘neath our microwave and  never fail to elicit a smile, or memories of Oz. The movie, not the doctor.

Hail to Dorothy! The Wicked Witch is dead!” said the Captain of the Winkie Guard…*

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.

*Copyright, L. Frank Baum

Happy New Year!

The first day of the year is upon us and my son had a good observation about all the hoopla for this holiday. He wondered why people would want to travel, long distances in the cold, to watch a ball drop with thousands of other people around, when you can watch it on TV, in your jammies and, as he said, “We have a clock here! Why do you you have to travel to see the time change on another clock?” Well said.

And with that did we nestle in for the evening, comfortable in our pajamas and surroundings, and watched the festivities on the idiot box, welcoming in the new year in the warm glow of candlelight and Christmas lights.

Happy New Year to everyone, and may 2012 be a harbinger of all things wondrous, healthy and safe.