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Cam, the Magna-ficent!…


This past weekend we braved the infestation of fleas at the world-famous Brimfield Flea Market where, on any given day, over 120,000 people throng to gawk at gewgaws, baubles, and tchotchkes alike.

We wended our way along the Pike to the DCU Center in Worcester to honor Cameron, my stepson, who was graduating from Worcester State University. He was one of 1,100 fellow graduates who received their bachelor’s degrees but, as we found when his name was announced, that he had graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a 3.79 grade average! And it was just like him, not to brag or even mention he was receiving such a high and wonderful honor.

Over the past four years, which passed as a blur, he was always meticulous; his desk in his room was always tidy, with notes about upcoming classes and tests neatly placed. He was a diligent and hardworking student and it shows, not just by the level of degree he attained, but by landing an internship at EMC Corporation prior to graduation.

Soon, he will be leaving our little nest, to reside in Westboro with two friends, to begin a new chapter in his wonderful young life.

If it appears that I am bragging slightly about him it is because he is like my own flesh and blood, my own son. I am so very proud of him. Both Julie and I are proud and happy parents to this smart, handsome, well-adjusted, young man. We have no doubts that he will go far, in whatever endeavor and career he so chooses.

To you, Cam, I salute you! Despite all the varied tribulations you have witnessed over the years, your tenacity, intelligence, and wonderful humor has shone, bathing all in your brilliant smile.


May this new beginning bring you much excitement and happiness!

We love you, Cam.

With much love,

Paul Harry & Julie

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