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Bridge(s) of Sighs…

There are a few water crossings here in the various states of New England that allow a harried soul the chance to forget all worries and concerns.

Both the Sagamore and Bourne bridges in Buzzards Bay, MA come to mind and they both provide such a comfort. And once Rte. 3 or Rte 25 has been successfully navigated, bliss is imminent.

There is something about ascending the slight slope to a bridge’s apex that builds up an odd feeling, something not quite discernible, and only on the decline is it  recognized; the total release of stress.

Land again is found, and with it sublime peace of mind. Any angst or dread or troubles have vanished, leaving one wholly relaxed, knowing soon a destination along the Cape will soon be had.

In Rhode Island, this same sense is experienced as one crosses the Jamestown Bridge, with its magnificent views of Narragansett Bay on either side, and again present while crossing the Newport Bridge (pictured above) as the splendid sights of so many sailboats appear brilliant against an early morning sun.

In Maine, there is also a bridge that does wonders for a soul, even though reaching northern coastal destinations are still miles away. But still, one feels that same sense of calm as one travels along Rte 95 in Portsmouth, NH, slowing slightly to navigate the turn onto the Pisquataqua Bridge, onward and upward until Kittery, ME is in sight. What a spectacular feeling!

And I should, of course, mention one other bridge, although quite a few readers may not have heard of it. It is the world’s only cribstone bridge, recently refurbished, and it spans Will’s Gut, separating Harpswell and Bailey Islands.

Bailey Island, I should mention, is a special place, an island that I have traveled its length many times in my youth, and an island that speaks soothingly to every soul. Sand, sea, and sky beckon those who seek refuge from a disturbed and cyclical mind, and the ocean whispers its seductive siren call, lulling one to heed its hypnotic tug and tide.

All of the bridges mentioned here certainly warrant their own individual story, and future blogs will indeed expound upon their sundry charms. This brief outline will, though, suffice as a mere introduction to these most enchanting structures and vistas, and I am quite certain that if one does embark upon a sojourn to these varied climes, much peace of mind will definitely be attained.

Bridging the gap from discontent to comfort is just a mere span away.

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