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High-Res 2013…

There is a great article on the web site Global Research by Joel Hirschhorn  (here) on how our society has become addicted to technology. He calls it ‘technology servitude’.

I titled this post ‘High-Res’ because it refers not to my 60” LCD Flat Screen TV (actually, I do not own a flat screen TV at all) but to a top priority for me in the new year: a high resolution to drastically reduce my involvement with the internet.

A new year always brings with it promises for resolutions, be it weight loss, quit smoking, exercise more, you name it, there’s something for everyone.

But for me, it will be to lessen my involvement with the ‘net and instead, immerse myself in the process of writing and finishing two manuscripts. I will remain resolute in those endeavors.

As Mr. Hirschhorn so poignantly states, we have become addicted to the latest technological advance, always craving the latest iteration of what is considered ‘hot’ on the market.

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, and there were no computers back then, no cell phones, no internet. Looking back on those years it appears that we managed quite well without those inventions.

But now. Now you cannot escape the encroachment of these devices. They are pervasive, and have indeed allowed us to be controlled by the vast communications complex; we have become slaves to their machines.

We have become mere tech serfs.

Each individual must evaluate if they actually need to be as engaged with their devices. Do you really need to check your email every five minutes? Is it really that important to know the latest text that just popped up? Do you really need that enormous plasma TV for your living room, or any of the myriad of ‘must-have’ gadgets out there?

Is any of it really necessary?

So my goal is to continue my blog, perhaps not as frequently as before, and to sporadically update my web site. My high-resolution for the year 2013 is to write, to finish my novel, my memoir, to revise, edit, and submit my work for possible publication. And then I will write some more.

Perhaps Mr. Hirschhorn’s piece will resonate for you as well, and perhaps you, too, will have an epiphany of sorts.

What will be your high-res for the new year?…