Writer’s Digest Conference-2017

Quite unexpectedly, and certainly out of the azure, my lovely wife Julie surprised me with a 50-‘ish’ birthday present: a full ticket to attend the writer’s conference in New York come August! Here’s the link.

I was wholly surprised, elated–and nervous. She also included the feverish ‘Pitch-Slam’ event where, for a full 90 seconds you can pitch your book to various agents. Imagine that; a minute-and-a-half to encapsulate your entire novel, something akin to the ol’ elevator pitch.

I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity and, as stated above, just a little nervous. Well, a lot. What this has taught me is that I better get my buttocks in gear and really develop that pitch, as well as a slew of other things necessary in order to be prepared for this event.

I have been reading a welter of information about attending conferences, what to expect, making sure to be early at all the sessions, a myriad of things to focus on prior to August 18th.

If anyone out there has attended any writing conferences, please do drop me a few helpful hints. Thank you. In the mean time, I will fine-tune my delivery and make sure my manuscript is polished and ready.

A lot ahead in the coming months. I look forward to being prepared and having a good time in New York that weekend.

Perhaps I shall see you there!



6 responses to “Writer’s Digest Conference-2017

  1. Dear Paul,
    That’s marvelous my friend – attending the Writers Digest Conference. And good luck with preparing that elevator pitch. Perhaps you can upload a video of your pitch and invite feedback. I’ll be happy to assist in anyway I can – look through your speech script and so forth. You have my email 🙂
    All good wishes,

    • My Dear Eric,

      Thank you so much for the kind offer to read (or hear) my pitch. That is quite magnanimous of you. I must really hone such a minute speech down to the essence of the book, and perhaps I shall take you up on it, when I believe it to be agent-ready.

      Thank you again, and I bid you a most splendid day, good sir!
      warmest wishes,
      Paul 🙂

  2. That’s a wonderful gift and opportunity. You do indeed have a lovely wife! Checked out the link link. Looks exciting. The prospect of it all will absolutely get you in gear. Of course you’ll do well : ) All the best as you prepare, jan

  3. Dear Jan,

    What a lovely comment! Thank you so much for the encouragement, and it is rather exciting. I’m pushing myself to arise at ungodly hours, to work on the pitch as well as write in relative quietude (without assorted beasts running around: three cats and two dogs.)

    I wish you as well much excitement and discovery in your own writings!

    Take care,

  4. I’ve got a great supportive husband but he hasn’t given me such an awesome gift! A few years back we attended a literary conference in Wales. It was great; he enjoyed the presentations as much as I did. I left very much inspired. Your elevator pitch time is a great bonus. I think that Eric’s suggestion that you post a video or the text on line is a good one. I offer to add my comments if you do so.

    • That is awfully nice of you, to offer your words of wisdom. I think it’s a great idea, to work out the kinks via beta-viewers (not fond of that word, beta…) and see if my pitch flows seamlessly. I shall keep you posted to my post.

      Sounds like a wonderful time in Wales. I bet you had a good time visiting sundry pubs before and after the conference.

      Take care!
      Paul 🙂

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