Yet Ever Forward…

On the cusp of a new year, remembrances of things during the last 365 days, a welter of thoughts streaming through one’s head, wonderin’ just what will transpire in the brand-spankin’ new year of 2015. Hmm.

What did happen in 2014?

A lot. Quite…a lot. And where does that lead one as the new year gains momentum? It is almost here. What will transpire in the next cycle of days?

One can easily ponder and contemplate and remain a tad disconsolate in remembering, perhaps, such trying and dejected days of past.

And yet, if one chooses to wallow and remember and embrace such melancholy, how could that bode well for the new year ahead?

It cannot.

And despite all the trials and trying times experienced here, in our own back yard, we shall choose to embrace the wonder of the new year ahead, to welcome it with an open mind, to hug it dearly and make it our own.

It will be our own, despite others who may harbor misgivings of our union, of our choices, of certain aspects that have proved harmful to our well-being. Mistakes, yes. Chalk it up to more of life’s experiences. Yet here we are. Alive, healthy, and warm.

We shall overcome such tiresome concerns, issued from others who haven’t a trace of our present plight. With others, thoughts prevail, heightened imaginations that tend to extrapolate truths from thin air, unknowing of tribulations suffered in our recent past.

But we shall remain strong. We shall look ahead. Stay in the moment with smiles.

We shall be okay.


Wishing everyone out there a most splendid, positive, and healthy new year, one engaged not in rueful ruminations, but thoughts of what is and can and will be possible, another year to tackle long-suppressed dreams and desires, an entire year to imagine what can, indeed, be attainable.

On that note do I wish all who deign to stop by and read my words to have a safe, laughter-filled new year’s eve, and to a wonderfully successful, epiphany-laden 365 days ahead, and more.

©Paul Grignon-2014-All Rights Reserved.


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