Generous Souls…

Have you, perhaps, in your life thus far experienced the generosity of someone, a person who goes above and beyond any preconceived notion of what generosity is all about?

I mention this, because I know two people who have, over the course of my time knowing them, have done just that, and in an incredible fashion.

I am talking about my brother-in-law and his lovely wife, Steve and Meghan, and their two beautiful and beguiling daughters, Danielle and Jacqueline.

These folk have helped us out time again, over the course of many years, and for that am I, and Julie, exceedingly grateful for their extreme largesse and kindness.

‘Bald tires on your battered Pontiac Torrent? Here’s some Christmas money, for four new tires.’ That was one gift we received one past wonderful holiday respite to their warm and inviting residence along the coast.

What, your landlord’s stove doesn’t work? Here. Here’s a brand-new stove, Just put the other one in the garage.

What’s that you say? Your same Torrent seized up and you need a new engine? Here you go. Just go get it fixed. We’ll take care of it.

Short on rent because you’ve fallen on hard times? Don’t worry; we’ll help you out until you get back on your feet.’

These examples, and countless more, have these kind people bestowed upon us. And you know what? No questions asked. None. Just simple, honest, gracious giving. No strings attached.

What a true blessing to know such wonderful folk, people who help out others when circumstances appear dire.

Julie and I, and our boys, are eternally grateful for their support, for their concern, for their love. I, for one, cannot imagine anyone else being so generous, so thoughtful, so kind—without strings—than these people, my extended family.

I just wanted to jot down these few words, to let others out there know how thankful we are to have angels such as these to help us out during such trying times. We owe them a lot. But you know what? They do not expect anything in return. Nothing. They simply wish us well and want us to get back on our feet financially.

This then, is a tiny blog that speaks to their huge heart, to them and Phil (my father-in-law) and Joel (my other brother-in-law), four wonderful people who have allowed us to maintain a modicum of calm and provide a window to placate harried nerves.

Thank you. Those two words cannot possibly do justice to the magnanimous gestures they have given to us.

Thank you so much. We can only hope that other people out there, others going through strife and worry, may have benefactors who can allow a semblance of peace to enter their own home.

To Steve, Meghan, Phil, and Joel, we salute you.

Thank you. We remain eternally grateful.

©Paul Grignon-2014 – All Rights Reserved.


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