This just occurred to me when I ventured today for a stroll with my dog, Andi.

This was not my intention at all to compose something like this. I have a backlog of, well, logs to post, but something struck me about the nature of things.

I was going to wait, until I had the requisite photos in hand, but why bother? Why not let you envision the visuals to my words?

Early this morning I took Andi down our usual path, past the cemetery and to “The Meadow”, as it is called. There, strewn about the fields, were finely woven spider webs, each intricate iteration delicately produced along tips of grass.

It was a magnificent display of ingenuity, how such tiny, unseen arachnids could spin such delightful whorls of thread.

From there, Andi I proceeded down a country lane. Further along, I encountered immense heads of Queen Anne’s Lace, their respective heads arced in unison with the sun. Beautiful! And captivating.

It made me think of those shapes. How the webs and lace echoed those of hurricanes, as seen from satellite. You know, those pics taken from high above our spinning blue orb.

And then it dawned on me. How these images echoed our own cosmos. Think of it; from web, close to ground, to the lace reaching for the heavens, to the spirals of hurricanes, to the varied and infinite galaxies that spin and stretch in all directions in the universe. (Who knows what transpires in parallel universes…)

Spirals. The lowly (but equally stunning) spider web, hung in dew-laden fields, to the Queen Ann’s Lace, straining in its own antique-white countenance among a verdant universe, to the power and magnificence of hurricanes as they spin and weave their way along coastlines, to the majestic and never-ending spirals of never-ending galaxies, all spinning, forever, in an endless and ever-expanding Universe.

Magnificence at its finest! From trembling, unstable webs on the ground, to staggering, unimaginable lengths of time and space.

Remarkable. Beautiful!

I was going to write about our past trip to Peaks Island in Maine, or our past pleasant and brief respite in Scituate, both pleasing environs held in the fabric of largesse and kindness. But something, something about these shapes struck a chord. Something struck my soul.

I just thought I’d share this with you.

But rest assured, Peaks and Scituate are not forgotten. It was just that…that certain aspects of nature embrace you, and you just have to write about it.

May your own strolls along singularly spectacular side roads provide a glimpse into the tapestry that exists, for those who pause and witness the infinite beauty in nature.

Thank you, for stopping by and reading my words. I appreciate it.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2014–All Rights Reserved.


2 responses to “Spirals…

  1. Lovely little jaunt through the fields of the landscape and the mind. May today bring you further adventures!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! Great photos on your blog there, especially the serenity of the West River. Very calming. And those ghost pipes are quite haunting. Truly visions not seen every day.

    Take care,

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