Birthday Boy…



I first met my stepson when he was just 10 years old. I was at a friend’s house, in the town where I grew up. His mother was stopping by to pick him up. Cam was playing with my friend’s son, so this would also be the first time I met Cam’s mom.

A young Cam

A young Cam

When she arrived and rounded the kitchen corner, how can one not have become instantly spellbound? I beheld a most exquisite, beautiful, intoxicating woman, and I was transfixed. Alluring, delightful, humorous…and those eyes. I was held captive under her gaze.



But this is about my stepson. And his 21st birthday. He is no longer the birthday boy, but a man. And in those subsequent 11 years, since his mom and I forged a union, I have seen this young man in various stages of his life. My only regret is that he is not my own son. How I would have delighted in seeing this man as a young child, to hold him, to experience his wonder and exuberance, to teach him sundry things about the world.

For his 21st birthday, I made a collage of him, photos taken from a young age, to the present. I hope that as he peers at these images they bring back fond memories, of each of those years and moments in time.

collage-001Now, come this fall, he will begin his senior year at Worcester State College. He has made Dean’s List every semester. His last report card was straight A’s. He is one smart, funny, intelligent, very humorous fellow, and I love him as though he were my own son.

And those eyes. He possesses the same fantastical, incredibly beautiful eyes like his mom, arresting orbs that can hold folk spellbound. (And his brother, eight years younger, has the same stunning countenance.)



Cam is now a man. For his 21st birthday, he traveled to Beantown, to partake in a pub crawl with friends. He returned, not sure of what establishments he partook, but at least he made it home safe and sound.

My stepson is now a man, and I wish him nothing more than much happiness, good health, and laughter wherever his life may lead. Along the way to adulthood, there have been a few bumps and potholes, but with age comes maturity, and he has displayed that to a remarkable degree.

He has seen quite a lot in his brief time upon this planet, and through such trying times he has prevailed; stoic, quiet, strong, even-keeled, and present, to all who have needed help and his love and support. He is truly a one-of-a-kind human being, and I am a lucky man to be the stepfather to this remarkable, stable, stalwart man.

May your travels and adventures take you far and wide and varied, Cam, in good health, safety, and with much laughter.

I love you and wish you nothing more than peace and prosperity wherever you go. And you will go far. I have no doubt.

You truly are a wonderful stepson.

Happy birthday.


Copyright, Paul Grignon-2014– All rights reserved.


2 responses to “Birthday Boy…

  1. Dear Paul,

    Cameron looks like a fine strapping young man. Straight A’s and on the Dean’s List – Wow! You’re right, Jace takes after him.

    Happy for you, his Mom and all at home.

    This is your party, so, I’ll bow out with my best wishes for all of you,

  2. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for the kind words, as always. It remains a distinct pleasure to hear from you and, despite your harried schedule, you always manage to set aside a few moments to post a comment my way (AND to all your loyal readers.)

    The party here was spare; takeout pizza and salad. Simple, comfort food. And if you happened to have been in my environs, I would have certainly invited you in, for a slice and a cold beer. And of course a few drams of JD. 🙂

    Take care, Eric, and thank you once again for your words. They mean a lot to me.

    with gratitude and warmth,

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