iPage no more…

I used to have a fine web site but that is not the case anymore. Certain complications and headaches arose from my hosting site, iPage, and therefore I elected to close down my site.

I do not recommend iPage to anyone. Sure, their site makes opening a web site very easy, but then when problems occur, good luck talking to anyone who is friendly.

My own experience with customer service was dreadful. The woman was incredibly condescending and talked over me, and told me I would have to pay an exorbitant sum in order to retain my grignongallery.com domain name.

But I was sure that I was up-to-date. Just recently I made changes to my site but was unable to open my own web site because they told me it had expired.

Then what was, I wondered, my recent past payments for? “Oh, no, that was for something else,” the rude woman informed me. “In order to get your domain name back it will cost you $160.”

Preposterous! What utter codswallop. I told her forget it, and promptly canceled my site. (Maybe that other fine artist by my same name will snag my former domain name.)

In the mean time, I will soon add more pages to my wordpress site and place bits and pieces salvaged from my web site there.

Just thought I’d let folk know if perchance they had tried to access my grignongallery site.

For now, keep a healthy distance from iPage. Oh, by the way, they refunded my recent payment of $25.99, but then promptly took it back!

Great company.


One response to “iPage no more…

  1. Dear Paul,

    I’m sorry to hear of your problems with iPage. It’s surprising how badly they treated you – customer service remains lip service in many organizations.

    Stick to WordPress as they are pretty great people.

    All good wishes ahead, my friend,

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