Winter Wonders…

Winter Blue

Winter Blue

Andi and I crossed the road, past the cemetery, and entered a fallow frozen field where ankle-deep  snow greeted us. Above, chem-trails criss-crossed the sky, the only blight to an otherwise perfect expanse of azure.

Here, in the depths of winter, after much frolicking about, did I pause to take in the splendor before me.

snowfallI watched as the distant feeble sun still held sway over snow-dusted branches. The tiny warmth emitted caused small cascades of snow to fall. It reminded me of Mount Crumpet, when the Grinch was struggling to keep the overloaded sled from plunging off the edge. Remember that scene? Small balls of snow fell, little frozen puffs followed by a fine mist of even smaller flakes, all tumbling to the depths below.

new england sceneThe quintessential New England landscape, replete with a sagging red shack. Upon closer inspection of the fence, I noticed a tuft on a post that remarkably resembled those Hostess sno-balls. I cannot recall ever eating one of them as they never appeared edible.


‘Sno’ ball

railEven the rail sported a spiky countenance, tufts of ice sprouting from its surface. Beyond the fence lay a pristine pasture and, on closer inspection, the winter stubble of grass poking its blades out wore a winter wig of white.

Winter Stubble

Winter Stubble

Frozen berries on frozen limbs also added their own individual brumal touch.

Merry Berries

Merry Berries

Further along the field, a milkweed pod imitated beautifully a Canadian goose, the pod wearing a most flattering chapeau of white as well.

Canadian Pod?

Canadian Pod?

country roadPast the pasture Andi and I ventured along a winding winter road and, on closer inspection, where parcels of pavement had been strewn with sand, it looked like the inside of a Charleston Chew should one have deigned to tear it apart.

candy barClose to home, our barn provided a lovely study of shadows, our beautiful blue heron (a reminder of my dear Dad), the rusted flower pail, and the slant of black all commingling to present a winter still life.

Brumal Barn

Brumal Barn

And I couldn’t resist this last pic, of Andi embracing our monstrous cat, Boo, a perfect way to end a winter stroll.

Andi & Boo

Andi & Boo

Copyright, Paul Grignon-2014, all rights reserved.



2 responses to “Winter Wonders…

  1. You’re a keen observer, my dear friend.

    Thank you for taking me along – your words and images transported me there. The sunlight looks deceptively warm.

    Boo is one monstrous cat – I wonder about Boo’s pedigree – lynx?

    All good wishes,

    • My Dear Eric!

      Good to hear from you, and thank you for the kind words. I’m glad to hear my post allowed you to ‘visit’ my slice of the world. : )

      Boo’s pedigree, hmm. I think he may be part jaguar, like Bagheera in the Jungle Book. He tops at close to 20 pounds. But he is a love, and has learned to tolerate Andi’s antics, sighing heavily and sleeping whilst Andi’s heavy noggin rests on his flank.

      You are, as always, prolific my friend, and it’s fascinating to read the sundry replies to your posts. Quite an interesting crowd out there, I must say.

      Must trundle to peruse your latest post!

      Take care, and warmest wishes your way,
      Paul 🙂 🙂

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