Passage and Presence…



Walking along misty lane early morning,

Silent; a wan sun, distant and cold.

Unseen, save the thousand pair

Of ancient Indian eyes

Staring through sun-filtered,

Snow-laden trees.

A farmer’s old stone wall,

Tumbled and broken,

Meanders parallel, forgotten.

White settlers on

Native red lands;

I, too, a modern-day


Scraping along sacred grounds

Scarred and sealed

In asphalt.

(A shiver grips me;

Is it the clasp

Of season brumal,

Or the clutch of

Centuries-old collective guilt?)

Ancient Woods

©Paul Grignon-2014, All Rights Reserved.


2 responses to “Passage and Presence…

  1. Dear Paul,

    It’s great to read your post and after a long sojourn too.

    Long lonely hikes can be invigorating, reflective and intimidating as you’ve so well captured here. The silent and still cold adds to the emotions and doubts that engulfs one.

    I enjoyed this and the questions are telling.

    But carry not the guilt of fathers as their doings remain with them. The sons cut their own paths – and may these paths be strewn with love and empathy.

    All good wishes, my dear friend,

    • Dear Eric,

      Lovely to hear from you, and I thank you for your insightful and thoughtful comments. Your words ring true; winter strolls can indeed be laced with contemplative moments as one remains frozen like the surrounding winter environs. The key, though, is to stay grounded while grounded. Embrace the moment wholly and things previously unseen will magnificently appear. 

      Your own paths, Eric, are ‘strewn’ with love and empathy, as well as pertinent and welcome commentary, many things that many of your readers come back to again and again. Their ‘daily fix’ of Mr. Alagan. : )

      Thank you once again for your words. Despite my silence of late, I am still around. Time to commit more time to words on the page, though.

      Take care, my friend!

      warmest regards, Paul 🙂

        Paul Grignon Artist/Writer/Model/Mentor Blog LinkedIn!/paulgrignon1

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