Post Thanksgiving…

Early morning brought a sliver moon winking back from the heavens, as skeletal trees scraped the sky. We sit, my Beloved and I, on the sofa and enjoy the comfort of hot coffee and a warm dog between us. All is good on this morning after a festive November holiday. We sit, and I think about the previous day, a day filled with travel and bellies full after a sumptuous repast.

Thanksgiving morn’ broke with slight trepidation as I wondered just how much traffic awaited us on the byways to the south shore.

Pleasantly though, not a hint of serpentine metal greeted us; no snaking lines of gleaming vehicles inched along the asphalt. Instead, open lanes whisked us to our destination, with only a tiny snag where three lanes reduced to two.

Beside that slight hiccup our journey was met with sun and sparkling waters and, as we approached the end of our trip, I jokingly mentioned whether we’d witness a few hearty souls (or idiots, depending on your take) out on the links.

And sure enough there were a smattering of men, all clad in heavy coats, lugging their carts behind them. They trudged across frozen tundra to locate their respective small dimpled white ball. (Between 380 and 432 dimples, if anyone’s counting. Brains cells, probably a tad less.)

The temperature hovered in the twenties with a whipping wind that dipped the wind chill into the teens. (Perhaps the men were idiots after all.) They braved winter while the women folk huddled over steaming stoves and stoked the home fires.

Upon arrival I chose to perch upon a bar stool and sip a cabernet and take in the aromas of a busy kitchen. Only my eyes ventured outside where, in the distance, a few surfers (surfers!) were catching waves close to a rock-strewn shore. (I surmised these individuals possessed the Y chromosome as well.)

Soon we sat to a laden table lit by candlelight. Hilarious banter ensued, hearty stories providing smiles all around. It was a perfect moment; a gathering of folk nestled near, drinks and food close by, light-hearted chatter that allowed one to forget any hint of worry. Truly a moment spent in the moment.

I gazed at the assemblage; ten people enjoying a closeness and the holiday spirit. I sat there, comfortable, and thought about my family, hoping that my Mum and my far-flung siblings and their families were enjoying just such a gathering, enjoying such a commingling of warm and memorable moments.

The ride home was equally quick, with nary a traffic snarl in sight. Arriving home early allowed me to contemplate such a day. It made me pause and think how lucky I am, one soul entwined with others, truly thankful to have partook in such a healing and calming day with loved ones.

On this post-Thanksgiving morning, I am grateful and give thanks to those who provided my family with such warmth, love, and much comfort.

May your own Thanksgiving have been as healing and delightful as my own.


©Paul Grignon, 2013-All Rights Reserved.




2 responses to “Post Thanksgiving…

  1. Dear Paul,

    I love your choice of words and the crafting of phrases – “sliver moon winking back; skeletal trees scraped the sky; bellies full after a sumptuous repast; and many more.”

    Great that traffic was light and uneventful, as that would have certainly added to the pleasant mood.

    Golfers and surfers? Hardy souls and that descriptive “idiots” brought a chuckle.

    You portrayed a lovely and warm party. Enjoying the company of loved ones – especially with some fermented grape juice and sumptuous food – is a joy to relive in the mind.

    Very happy indeed that all went well and you’re back home safe and contented.

    We don’t have thanksgiving celebrations here – but every day brings something we can all be thankful for.

    All good wishes my friend,

  2. My Dear Eric,

    Such a treat to read your words! You are gracious in your compliments. 🙂

    I, too, am delighted by your word choice, such as ‘Forgive yourself and love what you learned’, your comment to my Guilt Trip post. I love that! How utterly true and insightful. Why? Why beat yourself up over and over. For what purpose? As the saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    I am chuffed by your comments, Eric, and they provide me lift and buoyancy to continue tapping at a tiny keyboard. It is amazing how certain phrasing and word choice can turn something mundane into, well, something else entirely.

    That is why I continue to peruse your site, to read your posts, and glean the cadence to your stories. I MUST delve deeper into your latest–Rare Earth–and plunge my spirit into the tale.

    Yes, Thanksgiving was indeed a pleasure, and the choice libations certainly helped ward off winter’s brumal offerings.

    For now, my friend, I thank you for posting such a lovely reply, and I wish you and your loved ones a most splendid weekend ahead.

    Thank you for your thoughts and thoughtfulness.

    Warm wishes for health and laughter your way,

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