Dog Daze of Spring, Part 3…

Anxious Andi

Anxious Andi

Imagine this; I have not been a dog person for most of my life, and yet here I am, still marveling at our latest family edition. Andi is getting better when I leave the room, but in the beginning he always needed eye contact.

I guess that’s why whenever I had to use the loo, or go do the dishes, he’d either follow me or sit and howl his hound sound at the ceiling. It’s a form of separation-anxiety for poor ol’ Andi. Well, not old, really. He’s pegged at 3 ½ months, so he has a few years left in him.

Since we’ve had Andi for over two weeks now, he does appear much bigger and stronger and relaxed than when we picked him. And remembering that very first day, when we went to surprise our son, Jace, at his Dad’s house with a puppy,  Jace’s look was priceless.

Jace Meets Andi

Jace Meets Andi

That was a great moment and memory. We called Jace out of his bedroom, managing to pry him from his precious video games. He came out, clearly bothered by the interruption.

Julie had hidden behind the house. Jace sighed, came down the stairs and turned the corner. He saw Mom with a dog and asked, “Who’s dog is that?” And Julie replied, “It’s yours, honey. An early birthday present!”

Our son’s eyes filled with wonder and excitement, and I bet he could not really believe it to be true. But there Andi was, in Julie’s arms, waiting for Jace’s first touch.

That night, Andi slept soundly with Jace without incident. Already Andi seems to have a remarkable disposition.

A More Relaxed Andi.

A More Relaxed Andi.

As for me? Well, I suppose my disposition has been altered as well. Pup-sitting, sitting on the couch, and writing questionable prose with Andi close and fast asleep.

I guess a person can be a cat lover and a dog lover. At least, I seem to be leaning that way.

Imagine that.

to be continued…

©Paul Grignon, 2013, All Rights Reserved.


2 responses to “Dog Daze of Spring, Part 3…

  1. Andi sure looks comfy – what a baby 🙂

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