Dog Daze of Spring, Part 1…

I have never been a dog person. Ever. And yet…

With the passage of five decades (plus)–many years come and gone–this month of May, in the year 2013, I have become…a dog owner.

I cannot believe it.  Me! With a puppy.

Well, the puppy is actually for our dear 11 year old son, an early birthday present. (His birthday’s in June.)

My Beloved and I ventured to this extraordinary place, filled with extraordinary, caring people, and there did we experience a most delightful time among humans and canines alike.

The place is called the Sterling Animal Shelter, in Sterling, MA. The folk there were incredibly kind, knowledgeable, gentle, and just plain nice. They have a no-kill policy, which is great, and the love and concern they exhibit is palpable. We highly recommend this place to everyone.

Initially, this outing was only to be a ‘look-see.’ That was the intention at least. But have you ever been to a shelter that had so many beautiful and loving dogs?

This, coming from me, a bona fide, 100%, pure-bred cat lover. I love cats!

Always have. As for a dog? Never. I used to say, “I just don’t cotton to canines.” Did I happen to mention this sentiment had been etched in granite for over five decades? But on that note…

Meet Andi


First Contact

Could you resist such loving eyes and wrinkly skin? Andi’s part Sharp Pei, Shepherd, and Hound, with a little Lab thrown in for good measure. As a woman at the shelter said, “All dogs are part Lab. It’s the oldest dog in the world.”

Now, I can’t vouch to the veracity of such a statement, but it certainly appears  Andi possesses a glimmer of that lovely dog.

Andi the Puppy

Our Puppy Andi

Did I mention that he’s cute as hell?

And here’s another shot of him, the latest member to our family.


Takin’ A Break

We adopted him and brought him home, uncertain of the reactions of our three cats to this four-legged interloper. As you can see by the Before and After photos, it didn’t fare too well.





But now, as I puppy-sit in the living room, I manage to write this out long-hand, sprawled on the ground near Andi. He does not like to leave my side.

to be continued…

A Tired Boy.

A Tired Boy.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2013, All Rights Reserved.



10 responses to “Dog Daze of Spring, Part 1…

  1. Andi is too cute!

  2. “Andi! Andi! It’s my turn on the laptop.” Geesh, it’s tough tearing him away. “Good boy.” Yes, I do believe we shall learn along the way. After all, as you said, dogs are not plastic toys. A long, happy road ahead! And we shall compare notes along the way.
    Cheers! : )
    Paul& Julie. Oh, and from Andi. “Sorry ’bout that, Andi.”

  3. Strange but I’m sure I posted a comment here Paul – could you check the spam folder please.

  4. Dear Paul,

    This is lovely and I’m very happy for you and Andi. I believe Andi could not have done better.

    I would love to have a dog for a pet – there are dozens of abandoned puppies and dogs waiting for adoption at the shelters – but simply can’t do it because we don’t have the time to fully cater to their needs.

    Wishing you all the very best Paul, as I believe there will be plenty of mutual love between Andi and your family.

    All good wishes,
    P/s Let’s see how the cats take to him – in time.

    • Dear Eric,

      Once again do I thank you profusely for your generous and kind words. Andi has proved to be such a love, and already the felines, despite mixed feelings, have somewhat cottoned to that ‘other creature’ in the house. : )

      I must admit, it is rather strange having a canine in our dwelling. I marvel how that could possibly be true. Yes, dogs ARE much more work than cats, but the love and devotion; now that is indeed priceless.

      Thank you, Eric, and perhaps some day you, too, shall be graced by a beautiful and engaging dog of your own.

      Have a splendid day, and may all strife and worry in other regards be instantly banished.

      Take care, my friend,

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