The Art of Compression…



It’s really nothing to sneeze at. Haiku is a demanding form of poetry, condensing a limited amount of words into a meaningful message or a telling tale.

Eric Alagan presents yet another haiku challenge, at his superbly witty and entertaining site Written Words Never Die.

His latest delves into the spoils stolen by the big banks, where the high and mighty get away with plundering untold trillions from the pockets of blue collar workers and the destitute, yet suffer no consequences. In fact, their wealth has only sky-rocketed since the debacle of 2008.

The bail-out has turned into a bail-in for the banks, where bales of cash have flowed back into their already bulging coffers.

I could not resist adding my own haiku to something so important. As Eric poignantly states “…Let us not lull ourselves into complacency.”

The common blue-collar folk must remain diligent in keeping the message alive, steadfast  in never  allowing the banks to steal with such impudence and impunity.

Please do go to Eric’s site and add your two cents worth. While you still have it.

Here’s my angle on it:

Fed-Up Reserves

Banksters bask in cash

Funds stashed in off-shore accounts

Pilfered from the poor.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2013 – All Rights Reserved. (For now at least.)

2 responses to “The Art of Compression…

  1. Thank you Paul for this wonderful haiku – and yes, we all need to spread the word and keep this message alive.

    Peace, Eric

  2. You are welcome, Eric, and once again I was inspired by the prompt. The message must indeed be received far and wide in order to dismantle the vast corrupt money machine.

    Take care,

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