Eric Alagan’s 55-Word Flash Fiction…


Once again Mr. Alagan presents a most pleasing prompt, that of our neighbor in the skies, the Moon. Please do visit his excellent site, Written Words Never Die, here and read his words. Then see what you can create.

It’s a wonderful exercise, and it helps me  get the writing juices flowing.

Here is my tiny ode to our beauteous twin in the heavens. It is also an acrostic poem as well.

The Moon Beams

Tethered in space,

Haloed in darkled skies,

Enigmatic is our sensuous Moon.

Magnificent celestial light cast

Over a blue whorled  marble

Oft times shrouded—hidden—yet

Never too long so veiled.

Bathed again in its essence

Earth succumbs, its pull both

Alluring and hypnotic, mesmerizing all

Men who yearn to caress

Such ethereal feminine mystique.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2013, All Rights Reserved.

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2 responses to “Eric Alagan’s 55-Word Flash Fiction…

  1. Dear Paul – your verse takes a “celestial” approach – and I love this poem.

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. Much appreciate this,
    Eric 🙂

  2. Dear Eric,

    Thank you for enjoying my ’empyrean’ work. It was a pleasure composing it, and the Moon has always fascinated me. (My former web site was called ‘Heron Moon Studios.)

    And of course I will always promote a worthy site, such as yours. It has been a pleasure as well reading all the other submissions. I think you have, once again, struck a chord with sundry folk.

    Take care, and here’s to a great weekend!

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