Eric Alagan’s Provoking Poem…

Eric, at his blog Written Words Never Die, has written a poem concerning the wonder and meaning of Death, and all it entails. You can read it here.

It made me pause, and I thought of my own Dad’s death. (Eric’s poem prompted me to compose my previous post, about my Dad and where he liked to go.)

Below is my response to Mr. Alagan’s thoughtful composition:

Fading Light

Agility, gone, replaced by


Abilities, vanished, taken


Faculties, absent, vanquished by


Momentarily, a flicker; extinguished, such


Nobility, once clutched, absconded by


Inevitably, yes; now cloaked in


Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2013, All Rights Reserved.


4 responses to “Eric Alagan’s Provoking Poem…

  1. Dear Paul,

    You said it a lot better than my original post. I especially love that last part – about tranquility – it holds out great hope.

    Kind regards,
    P/s You probably notice a similar thrust in my Fallen Grace series.

    • Dear Eric,

      “We all learn from each other.”

      Well said, and such a worthy title to a blog! I thinbk you, of all people, should run with it, post haste! : )

      Thank you so much for your incredibly gracious words pertaining to my poem, in response to your own. My words certainly do not eclipse yours; rather, they merely complement your finely crafted poem, adding yet another layer, as do all previous postings, by your coterie of exceptional readers.

      We all do certainly ‘learn’ from each other, and by ‘leaning’ on each others’ shoulders will great and provocative passages be written.

      Again, I look forward to your prompt come Thursday, and I will make it a point to peruse further your ‘Fallen Grace‘ series.

      Here’s to an exceptional day, a wonderful work out, and a healing dram (or two) of JD afterward.


    • Addendum:

      That, of course, should have read ‘…think.’ Terribly sorry for the typo. (Don’t you just hate them?)

      Take care,

  2. Not to worry about typos – it humbles me whenever I commit one.

    I like that JD part and shall be retiring soon to do justice to your suggestion 🙂

    Peace and happy journey during the slumber,

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