Milk & Ink contemplation…

Once again, Mr. Eric Alagan posits an intriguing post, via his outstanding site, HERE. And please do visit his stellar collection of other blogs, notably his latest, HERE.

Here was my take in response to his own powerful prompt of a drop of milk:

Droplet on the brink
Slips slowly and sinks
In darkled paths it goes
Entwined in swirling throes
Forever, in sync.

So stop on by his excellent site and post your own comment. He will always reply in a thoughtful and magnanimous fashion.

2 responses to “Milk & Ink contemplation…

  1. This is beautiful, Paul. I can visualise this – both the imagery and the profundity.

    All good wishes and thank you for your ever kind words about my blog,

  2. Thank you, Eric. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts about my work. But it was, after all, inspired by your own poetry.
    All good wishes to you as well, and I shall continue to tell others about your fine blog.
    Take care,

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