Interpretations of Me…

Besides writing my blog and working on revising my Dystopian love story, I model for artists at various venues in the area; colleges, museums, galleries, and professional artists as well. I have been modeling for the past twelve years.

Every Thursday evening, for the past four weeks, I have held the same pose for artists at the Worcester Art Museum. Under the superb tutelage of the instructor, Irina Parfenova, her students formed a half circle around the podium and proceeded to interpret my face and figure.

I have always found it fascinating to witness  the result. Below are their sundry incarnations and, as you can plainly see, each artist’s perception of me varied considerably.

This first image here is the pose I struck, a reasonable facsimile of it. (I tried duplicating it at home. Obviously my left arm was different during the actual pose.)Paul

The next image is from Fran. She is a warm, engaging woman and she is also a teacher.Fran's Drawing

This next image is from Kai. To see more of his fine work go here.Kai's Drawing

Next up is Barbara’s rendition.Barbara's Drawing

Below is Virginia’s version. Her excellent collage work can be seen on her web site here.Virginia's Drawing

Mike’s colorful drawing is below. You can visit his site here.

Mike's Drawing

Pamela’s pensive oil painting below.Pamela's Painting

And here is Aiden’s drawing, using a subtracting technique. His work can be viewed at his site here.Aiden's Drawing

And lastly, Kendall’s rendition.Kendall's Drawing

So as you can plainly see, it certainly runs the gamut. Some of the artists are young, and others are more seasoned.

But what I find fascinating about the whole thing is how similar the art of drawing and the art of writing is, how they are intertwined. These artists, no matter their respective talent and experience, came to class every night and put their best effort on paper.

And likewise, writers do the same thing. They sit, not in classes perhaps, but at home or a cafe, writing their respective stories, and posting them on line.

So to all the artists out there, be they painters or writers, congratulations to all.

YOU allow a piece of your soul to be seen.

YOU have the courage to create.

YOU keep up with your craft.

And I am just one of the lucky recipients to witness your work.

I look forward to meeting new artists wherever I model. And I absolutely enjoy meeting new writers out there on the web.

Thank you for stopping by.

Note: The ‘frames’ around each image were created in Picasa.


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