Cat Time…

MilesSometimes, when it’s getting late, and you’re all nestled in bed, your cat wants some of your time. Hell, he’s been alone all day, shivering with cold paws because the heat was off, and now he just wants quality time with his human.

I was going to say ‘human master’, but all you cat people out there know that that simply isn’t true. More like ‘human slave’ to their feline whims.

So you’re lying in bed, after a long day, and you’re tired, and you just want to read a little. A few pages, catch up and all.

But then your cat advances from the foot of the bed—tentatively— not sure where it would lead. Will that guy fling me off? Will my human chattel yell at me? Or will he stroke my fur? Your cat creeps closer, still hesitant, still wondering if he’ll be banished. Perceiving all is well, he crawls onto your chest.

Now here’s the important part; most days you give him a sort of disinterested scratch here, a scratch there, and a stroke just behind the ears.

But it’s done peripherally, and you know what? Your cat can tell. The slow twitch of his tail, the tensed body, a slight cat frown. Your offhand petting is just not cutting it. Sometimes you just have to put your book down. Sometimes you have to give your cat your undivided attention.

He needs you.

He wants you.

He’s been waiting for you.

It’s time to give him some cat love.

Put your book down, hold your cat close, and pet him. A lot.

Cats miss that petting, that stroking, that rubbing, something remembered from when they were young, how their mom used to do all that. But then they are whisked away too soon. They miss their mom, their mom’s touch. But they retained that need, though, and still crave it. And you will give it to them.

Boo & MaggieTake time to give your kitty some love. Your cat’s purr is your reward.

©Paul Grignon – All Rights Reserved. 2012


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