Close to Home…

The wonder of travel never fails to elicit a sense of excitement, where new vistas are to be experienced, something to counteract the seemingly ho-hum aspects of our usual existence.

Yet sometimes one does not have to stray too far. Sometimes a sense of awe and new vistas can be found right at home. Have you ever just stopped from the whirlwind of daily living to really peer at what resides within your residence?

I did just that this past weekend. Before the onslaught of the football playoffs that seemingly stretched on forever, I paused over morning coffee and noticed something rather striking.Buddha Burner

It is a photo of the remnants of a sandalwood incense stick protruding from my Buddha  burner. It caught my eye as I strolled through the kitchen, ready to nuke my tepid joe. The burner sits atop the microwave, and the image of the curled ash against the diaphanous curtain I thought enchanting.

The rather erotic Anthurium plant appeared captivating against the backdrop of the distant backyard.Anthurium

Here in the Northeast we have had a bit of snow, but lately the temperatures have been mild. I happened upon our garden toad, ringed with snow. It seemed to be poking its head out, testing the air, a cozy little amphibian lair.Mr. Toad

The cowboy hat I found at the ‘Take it or Leave it’ section at the dump, and the dried yellow rose is a lingering beautiful reminder of my Beloved’s birthday.The Wild Rose

These next two shots were taken two days apart. In the first I snapped this fiery sunrise, an early morning conflagration. The next shot is the same scene, with the melting snow that created a sfumato atmosphere in the back yard. That photo was taken the same day as my friendly toad picture.Fire In The Sky


















On our kitchen table, a reflection of my painting, along with a pleasing bouquet.Reflections









A flower nestled in a candle pot.Flower









Our memo chalkboard, with two of my favorite animals; a kitty cat, and a great blue heron. Oh, and the quick doodle of the snowman is mine.Chalkboard

A metal Great Blue Heron that my lovely bride gave to me for Christmas. Sometimes, when I’m alone and writing in the living room, I look up and am startled by its presence. It is quite realistic, and come the spring I will put it in the garden. Heron

A key rack near the front door. We always have the real birds show up every morning, searching for scraps. There are always three, and one has a slight limp. They forage for our leftovers, be it toast, pizza, even old stale cake, something a little different from their diet of carrion.Keys 'n Crow

So as you can see, there are many magnificent sights to see, close to home. Take a minute. Pause. Look around.

What wonders do you see in and around your own domain?


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