Deluge…x Three

This morning, after the obligatory check of emails, I thought this post would be apropos. Allow me to retrieve my fifth cup of joe and I’ll be right back.

Deluge #1 : After said missives were perused, I waded through a bevy of excellent blogs and sites, all concerned with the craft of writing. Here are the links to several, and all of them provide good reads as well as excellent insights:






(There are plenty more, and I’ll keep you posted about them.)

Me, overwhelmed…

When my coffee turned tepid, I realized that I was so engrossed in some of the articles that I needed a break, to shake the weight of words consumed. I was so inundated with numerous tips and tricks and suggestions about writing, that I had to go for a run. Whew!

Deluge #2: Here on the east coast we are scheduled for a deluge later on today, 2” of rain expected. But after reading many pages, I scanned the skies and only a few drops were falling. So out the door I went. Near where I live, there is a quiet country road I frequent when I need to break free from the clutches of the keyboard.

As I began my run, I allowed all my senses to experience the outdoors: the fresh scent of rain and October decay; the gray and gravid clouds that threatened downpours; the dousing of dime-sized droplets from the treetops; the splash of footfalls on wet pavement and trampled leaves; and the soft wind as it swept through this sylvan scene.  Half-way through my slog, a torrent of oak and maple leaves showered me, a flitting caress from nature.

Deluge #3: Back home, I returned to the keyboard, knowing now was the time to compose. Not only my own manuscript, but to get ready for the coming deluge, known as NANOWRIMO. Have you heard of it? Here’s the link. It’s simple, really; write 50,000 words in 30 days. How hard can

The Beginning…

it be? Yeah, right. And with much trepidation, I signed up for it. And it’s free! So along with my regular (or irregular) writing schedule, I’m jotting a few notes on what exactly I will write come November. Will you, too, take on the challenge? Let me know if you’ll take the plunge.

Also, feel free to comment on ways you have been deluged in your life.


Copyright, Paul Grignon, 20212, All Rights Reserved*

*except photo of coffee cup

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