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Narragansett Beach Revisited…

This past Labor Day weekend we found ourselves once again ensconced in the healing environs of Narragansett, where an abundance of sand, sea, and sky were to be had. It was a last summer respite, a day and a half spent at the beach, soaking up the simple beauty that exists within this enchanting littoral land.

The boys were at their Dad’s, and our dear friend Beth allowed us to stay at her lovely pink cottage in Saunderstown, a mere five miles from the beach. In order to access Narragansett Beach, one needs to arrive before 8:30am, as they start to charge people just to walk onto the sand! Preposterous, I know, but we managed to arrive prior to the dispensing of funds, and we then enjoyed the next seven hours immersing our souls in the splendor of the sea.

The above picture, however, is not of the beach. It is of Beavertail, located in Jamestown, and it is a fabulous place, replete with a rugged coastline, a constant and welcome breeze, and magnificent views. This photo was taken from our perch upon the rocks and nothing blocked our view save the incoming boisterous sea.

We stayed there for five hours, and then made our way to the house. We unpacked, and then wended our way to the beach. After 5:30pm, they stop charging walk-ons, so we were safe. It was great to run the length and pause at the end, where the confluence of tides meet and where deceiving currents tug and turn, a maelstrom that can pull an unsuspecting beachcomber into its rapid and rapacious swirl.

It would be difficult to top this picture of the beach. The sun’s rays pierce billowed clouds, and distant sparkles are visible in the churning sea.

Such unimaginable beauty awaits those whose souls are so attuned to the allure and essence of the sea, a constant flow of cascading waves, a timeless traverse upon ancient sand. What more could anyone possibly need? Julie and I reveled in this ethereal realm, a healing and comforting stretch of land that speaks to those who welcome such spectacles of grandeur.

This picture to the left was taken on our last day at the beach. Long, languid hours were spent reading, or napping, or simply gazing at the deafening surf as it rolled in along its endless grip upon the shore. It is a siren, rhythmically calling to your soul, yearning for your return to its pulsating and primordial depths.

Hypnotically, we all succumb to such roiling seas. It beckons, and we submit. We sit, transfixed, mesmerized by timeless beauty. But all too soon we pack our bags, and drag our belongings along the shore, to reluctantly leave this haven of heavenly delight.

We leave, content and complete, awash with the sea, sun, and sky upon our skin, and the ride home is met with silence, as each soul seeks to recall individual moments of sheer bliss experienced upon the shore.

Narragansett Beach is indeed a magical and wondrous place, a stretch of sand that will transport you to a world of comfort. Do walk its length. Revel in its welcoming presence. Become one with its eternal and infinite charm.

You will be transported. Your soul will be healed. The beach will, as you travel barefoot upon its cooling sands, be an instant balm.

Make the journey. It awaits you. What are you waiting for?

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