Family Dynamics…

Don’t you find it strange how things work out between family members? Do you come from a large family, or are you an only child? I wonder how that would have been, to be an only child. I wouldn’t know, as I come from a family of seven kids. Seven. And I am the middle child.

Yesterday I visited one of my five brothers who lives in Shrewsbury, and it was a pleasure to see him. I have not seen nor heard from him in months. As for my other siblings, I rarely hear from them as well. One sister, I suppose, more so than the others. But it’s odd how this has come about, the silence over the years.

Growing up, we were so tight, all of us. Sure, there were the usual sibling rivalry stuff, but overall we got along ok. We all sat down to the kitchen table for meals, and we all went on vacations together. But once we got older, and began moving out of the nest, communication dissipated greatly.

Now, in my fifties, it’s rare to make contact with all of them. And rare for them to make contact with others. My Dad died just a little over two years ago, and I thought that that would bring us all back together, make us closer, become a family once again. Instead, the opposite happened.

Family dynamics; they can be surreal, and you never know how things will turn out. My Dad, wherever he resides in the Great Gig in the Sky, must wonder, shake his head, and mutter “What a bunch of knuckleheads.”

Perhaps things will change. Perhaps we will all communicate at some point. It just seems a shame to have once realized such closeness, such oneness, only to have it slip away, like an ephemeral wisp of smoke from a candle.

Joe, it was great to see you at your new pad, and even though the visit was curtailed, it was good to see you. Thanks for the invite.

To my other siblings, I wish you all well.

with love,

your brother Paul

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.



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