Kite Festival, Brenton Point, Newport…

Towards the end of a hectic week, Julie and I look forward to just getting away from our fishbowl existence in Sturbridge, and eagerly anticipate yet another drive to the healing environs of Brenton Point. We rarely look at the various events that transpire in RI, and so this turned out to be a most pleasant surprise. (Two weeks ago we escaped to Beavertail, not knowing that the America’s Cup races were in full swing. And that, too, proved to be a lovely weekend excursion.)

We packed, got out of the house early (I know, so much for quality shut-eye on the weekend…) and arrived at Brenton Point at a decent hour, when parking spots were still plentiful. Eschewing the already crowded expansive lawn area, where people were flying the kites and camping under tents, we found the perfect spot, along the bend in the road of Ocean Drive, and where a nice onshore breeze was a constant comfort. Here’s a picture of where we set up our own base camp. Not a bad view, eh? And what a magnificent vista. All we had to do was turn our heads to witness the eclectic offerings in the sky.

Once settled , we ventured along the grounds of this once grand estate, and walked through the foliage, past the assorted picnic tables and kids running around, and found what was left of the stables, a haunting, crumbling edifice that must have been quite majestic in its day. It reminded me of the ‘Fall of the House of Usher’. Beyond the stables was what appeared to be a ‘folly‘ and, after ascending the stairs we were treated to a panoramic view of the ocean. It must have appeared quite spectacular in bygone days, when the surrounding trees were mere saplings.

We returned to our choice location, and spent the next six hours soaking up the sun and the delicious atmosphere of sky and sea. The ever-present ocean breeze helped deflect the onslaught of a relentlessly hot blinding star.

Just another perfect jaunt to one of our favorite places. Once again it was a surprise to have this festival in full swing, and perhaps come next weekend, we will actually look at the Newport Summer Schedule.

I wonder what adventures await us…

(My favorite kite. This octopus must have been over 100 feet long!)

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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