Kitties in the window…

When the cat days of summer are upon us, and the oppressive heat is too much to bear, our felines seek the coolness of the cellar, where screened windows allow both sights and sounds for our inquisitive kitties.

Here, in the relative gloom and comfort, they can watch the birds as they brave the relentless sun, foraging for seeds and worms in the yard. Boo and Maggie are all ears and eyes, fixated on the flitting winged creatures that hop and fly about.

In the other cellar window, Miles watches with the same utmost attention, and the tails of all three cats are in constant twitch.

One has to wonder what thoughts course through their furred noggins, perhaps dreams of capturing a crow or squirrel, relishing the hunt in their tiny minds.

If…if only that pesky screen wasn’t in the way.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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