Descent into Bliss…

Stairway to Heaven

It may not look like much but this new ladder, placed near the old, rusted remnants of another, offers a soul a descent into the beautiful.

This particular place is none other than Brenton  Point, a place I have mentioned here on numerous occasions.

The ladders are situated along a bend of Ocean Avenue, where, above and beyond the lot lies a verdant sward, where swarms of summer folk deign to drape the skies with dancing kites. But here, after the final rung is rendered free,  your feet touch the smooth rocks below, and another world is yours.

Julie and I recently ventured here to such healing grounds, and as we went for our usual jaunt along the sea, we espied this brand-new ladder attached to the sea wall. We instantly knew that upon our return, we would pack up bags and chairs and wend our way to such a wondrous and worthy site.

The Healing Zone

Once ensconced firmly upon the shifting and sun-baked stones, we were spellbound by the scene.

Nothing but the curvature of the earth, sun-warmed rocks, and a roiling sea, with wispy, wraith-like clouds that drifted slowly by completed the magnificent vista.

How can one want more, especially when such scenes are shared with your Beloved? This then, the picture above, is what greeted our orbs after setting up our chairs, our towels, books, and coolers.


Before plunging into our choice tomes (mine, Paul Theroux’s latest, ‘The Lower River‘, and Julie’s, ‘Running with Scissors‘) we just sat silent, couched mesmerized sentinels to the ethereal and endless sea stretched before us.

We stayed for a few hours, and soaked up the delicious atmosphere, and only on a few occasions were we accosted by obnoxiously loud people, others who dared descend rungs to ruin our reverie. Why do people need to yell and holler at each other, overly loud, when such a beauteous panorama exists? Chatter is superfluous when engulfed by such heavenly scenes. Just hush and…enjoy.

Prior to exiting this superb expanse of sea, we took this picture, capturing our presence upon the rocks with a churning sea distant. Here there are thousands of ‘skimmers’ waiting to be pocketed, stones  a remembrance of a grand time along the shore.

After our ascent from a blissful retreat, we drove to Colt State Park in Bristol. Once parked, we disengaged our bicycles and went on a pleasing journey along the East Bay Bike Path, to Barrington and partook in a heavenly ice cream cone from the Daily Scoop.

From there, we returned and set up shop along the vast fields of grass adjacent to the sea. We watched and marveled at yet another splendid vista. Late afternoon produced an abundance of ‘sparklies’ upon the water, and this photo perfectly captures the moment of such a find.

All in all a wonderful sojourn, and perhaps come the Memorial Day weekend, we will once again find ourselves thus ensconced.

Perhaps this time, though, we shall bring the boys, to have them experience such infinite and enchanting lands.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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