Maggie Update…

Now is she undeniably cute or what?

What a love our Maggie has turned out to be. She gets along swimmingly with Boo and Miles, and she adores being stroked. All the time. That is, when she’s not fetching a toy mouse for hours. It doesn’t matter the time of day. She picks up a mouse, walks over to you and deposits it at your feet and then, with a tiny whine and pleading eyes, wants you to throw it. Over and over again. It becomes exhausting.

The times when she is not playing fetch (must get her on You Tube doing that, or send it to Ellen) she will wrestle with Boo. Miles, on the other paw, will have none of it. But then…but then, she will become tired. And as you can see by the photo this has become her favorite perch; a nice, soft blanket spread luxuriously out on a comfy couch. Well, it’s her spot until my Beloved comes home, weary after a long day, and where she loves to curl up with heating pad and unwind. Maggie will just have to wait.

In all, we are very elated to have this feline in our midst, a true love of a kitty, and we are especially grateful for all the fine folk at the Second Chance Animal Shelter in East Brookfield, for taking care of her and allowing us to welcome her into our home.

Oh, have to run! Maggie just entered the room, with mouse in mouth. Better start limbering up my arm. Sigh.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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