Night Sights…

Visions During the Nocturne

While nursing a tepid beer at 10:30pm, I deigned to indulge my soul in the great outdoors, wishing for a healing sigh of a nocturnal wind to wash over me. I sat upon the darkened front stoop, and allowed my eyes to adjust to the dim light of night.

I sat there in the cool evening, and marveled at the simple shadows that played close by. The dark shape cast by the Ford Escape or the thin, quavering shadow of a sapling in the front yard. But the most evocative image was of a bush nearby; it cast a V-shaped shadow that resembled the wake left by a duck upon a still lake.

I sat there, as still as the lake, and peered further into the gloom. Across the way, a giant fir loomed in the darkness. In the past, and especially during frantic windy evenings, I often wondered if this behemoth of a tree would come crashing down upon our house.

But now, in the cool comfort of night, this tree proved inviting.  Branches swayed slowly in a nocturnal dance, and I wondered how many birds nested within its shielded limbs. How many birds, and other animals, as well as insects, called this 70 foot giant their home?

I took another pull from my beer and sat there, upon the stoop, mesmerized by the dance before me. The hypnotic, slow rhythmic sway of the tree reminded me of the giant kelp fields in the Sargasso Sea, where ancient tides tugged ceaselessly upon vast spiraled belts of seaweed, an undersea dance during the nocturne that spoke volumes to all souls.

It was a brief and enchanting evening, a chance glimpse into the rhythm of the night.

At last, a long final pull on my beer, and then I disappeared into the house. What lovely visions to have witnessed, and I was quite certain that a pleasing slumber, replete with sensual imagery, awaited me.

Bon nuit.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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