A Woman’s Desires…

When truly engaged with a woman, it is not merely enough to simply touch, or kiss, or be in such intimate quarters with her. Yes, those aspects are nice, and women do enjoy such intimacy, but it involves much more than that.

A woman certainly enjoys being touched, and to be kissed; but she also loves being caressed, truly touched; stroked, lovingly, with your fingers and mind and body wholly engaged in her being. Touched, admired, loved, kissed, caressed, lovingly and longingly, held close, enclosed within your arms and eyes, her body and soul entirely immersed in your being, your Love.

Touch her. Feel her. With passion. Trace her face, feel her bones, feel the warmth of her skin. Stroke her hair. Allow your hands to explore. Slowly, lovingly, and with much admiration.

Those are the things that women desire. They get tired quickly of the camaraderie of men, of their need for the ridiculous ‘man cave’, of their need for ‘buddy time’, to hash out their perceived angst about their respective ‘little woman’, or ‘the wife’, or ‘the ball and chain’.

Jesus, is that really how you think about your lovely bride, your girlfriend, your significant other?

Men are, basically clueless. And utter idiots. You may try to refute such claims but, ultimately, you will be proved wrong.

Truly, truly engage your being within her. That is what she wants. That is what she desires. That is what all women cherish.

You need to be there 100%. Not thinking about work, not thinking about the play-off game, not thinking about the hot little blonde that just joined the firm. And if that last comment resonates for you, there is something terribly wrong in your present relationship.

Are you not already with a beautiful woman, a girlfriend, someone you wanted to marry—forever—during times of duress and discomfort?

She is there. Always. By your side. She craves your undivided attention. Yes, know this now: you will never—ever—figure out women. So do not bother to cramp your Neanderthal mind.

Just know that a woman—your woman—wants you engaged, totally; undivided, unblemished, and under no pretense.

If you are not entirely ‘with’ your woman, your Beloved, she will know. You can either step aside or understand her various concerns. If you choose the former, then leave. If you choose the latter, then this message is not for you. You already know. It’s as simple as that.

Remember, she will always know. Always.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.




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