Logs and Hogs…

This is simply an addendum to my previous two posts, about our bike rides in different environs. It doesn’t matter where we went really, as it proved to be the same in both locations. I should clarify that we rode on ‘bicycles’.

It is amazing how frequently one comes upon a pod (for lack of a better word) of bikers, all riding their Harleys, stopped here and there, admiring their respective bikes, seemingly just standing around, jawin’ and lookin’. For the most part they all look the same.

Am I wrong in this observation?

It’s usually mid-life guys, with the requisite leather vests, bandanas, soiled jeans, and the over-sized wallet with chain attached to a belt loop. And there are the requisite biker chicks, all donned in like apparel, all milling about and smoking Marlboros. It must be a requirement that you have to smoke and most likely, drink hard liquor. A few shots of Jagermeister chased with a Bud. And then another cigarette for good measure.

On our last journey to Northhampton, along the byways, we saw quite a few of these ‘enthusiasts’, and wondered what they did when a sudden rainstorm fell. We see them clustered outside of coffee shops, their respective bikes all lined up and gleaming, while a cloud of smoke encircles them.

On these back roads, another familiar sight are the slow-moving trucks weighted down with logs or firewood, remnants of past storms. They lumber along, and one is forced to travel at a sluggish pace, hoping that soon you’ll see their blinker on, to turn off onto some dusty side road.

The same sites greeted us on our venture to Bristol, RI. We saw the bikers as they sat idling and revving their hogs, and waited for them to roar down the quiet streets. They didn’t get too far. A truck loaded with trees was in front of them.

Bikers are certainly a different breed of humanity, and with the recent fine weather, they were out in droves. Mind you, I have nothing against motorcycles, except for the noise. I am merely making an observation. But give me a quiet trail any time, some place where I can ride my bicycle in peace and relative solitude.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.*

*except the two photos.


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