Observations Whilst Shopping…

Sometimes (well, actually, most of the time) making excursions to the store can be a rather vexing experience. I am quite certain that you would agree with me on that point.

For instance, when entering a Wal-Mart (should I even bother continuing in this vein, or perhaps you already know what is coming) one is perplexed by the lack of politeness of other shoppers. For the most part, though, I give credit to the employees; they do seem to be in good spirits and are quite congenial. Maybe it’s because of those in-store rah-rah sessions.

But customers? Jesus, is it so hard to place your carriage to one side so another human being can proceed? Don’t you find it irritating when a person places their cart on one side of the aisle but is bending down looking at some product on the other? How irksome, and rude!

One time Julie and I were at Trader Joe’s in Shrewsbury, and we were perusing the various selections of cheese. Suddenly this woman, who seemingly did not even witness our presence, barged passed us with nary a word of apology. She grabbed her fromage with her sausage fingers and left the scene. Her sheer preposterous disregard for our well-being allowed us to look at each other and laugh. You just have to when people can be so utterly offensive. It was as if we were invisible!

Ok, now here’s another pet peeve of mine. This must be one of yours as well. I pull into a Dunkin Donuts, or a Mickie D’s, or a 7-11. It doesn’t really matter. My order is simple: “I’ll have a large coffee, with three creams, and no sugar. That’s it.” Now, is that so hard to comprehend? Apparently it is, for the vast majority of the time the employee will inevitably ask, “Would like sugar with that?” Um…no, I just said three creams ONLY. Geesh! (And how many times have you pulled away from the drive-thru only to realize that they–you guessed it!–botched your order, thus causing a stream of expletives to be emitted? C’mon, you know you’ve done that…)

Or at McDonald’s I’ll go in for my son who loves to dine on questionable chicken byproducts known as McNuggets as well as a small fry. (I tend to shun the drive-thru as well, given the scenario above.) Here is another example where it seems I must be speaking in a foreign tongue. “Four piece McNuggets and small fry, please.” The employees there are usually quite young and they are either not listening, not paying attention, or are in a fat-induced coma of sorts from the fog of fryer haze that permeates the kitchen. “Excuse me, sir, what was it you ordered?” Yes, it must have been Latvian I was speaking after all.

For once, just once, wouldn’t it be nice to just go into a store, collect your items, check out and leave, without incident? It must be possible. Just a little courtesy, attention to detail, a simple hello, and a hint of friendliness certainly goes a long way. After all, we’re in this together.

Well, maybe not for those McNuggets…

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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