Maggie update (for all those kitty lovers…)

There she is, Maggie, our latest kitty who has adapted spectacularly to her new digs.

Now Julie won’t feel so outnumbered, having another female in the house, along with four boys.

Maggie has proved to be quite funny, and acts a lot like a dog as she cannot get enough of us tossing a toy mouse. She never fails to fetch it and bring it back to our feet. We dutifully praise her, pick up the mouse, and throw it again. Mind you, this can go on for quite a long time. A long time.

Eventually though, she does tire, as evidenced by this next photo. After an exhausting day of chasing toys she finally curls up on our rocker (it was the favorite spot of our beloved Fenway, who died a fortnight ago…) and falls alseep.

Miles is still a tad wary of her, but Boo seems to be fine. (Those would be our other two cats, not people). All in all a wonderful addition to our household, and Maggie is doing well. She seems to thoroughly enjoy her new home. “Isn’t that right, Maggie? Good girl!”

Now where is that pink mouse that she loves so much?…

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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