Maggie in our Midst…

Yes, indeed, we do have a new feline with us, a new kitty after the unfortunate demise of our beloved Fenway.

Fenway, even with all his neuroses, was a lovely and loving cat. He thoroughly enjoyed having his belly rubbed, no matter the location of  his fellow human occupants.

You could be sitting on the john, rubbing your eyes, waiting for the first morning pee (and just dying for that first cup o’ joe!), and there he would be, appearing out of nowhere, laying supine, awaiting a scritch. Obligingly, you bend over and give him some rubs, to which a few rare purrs were to be heard.

But now, a new cat is amongst us. Maggie. And boy, is she a handful…and a delight! At first, she was a ghost cat, for no one had any idea where she was. With good reason, I suppose, given the immense presence of Boo, our resident behemoth of a black cat. And then there is Miles, a mere whisper of a feline compared to Boo, but no less a compelling countenance.

But now, after a mere week, all three kitties get along quite handsomely. To some degree. At least Maggie is tolerated. That’s her, to the left. A lovely Calico, with a demeanor that matches her markings. Well, not truly a Calico, as not a hint of white is visible. We like to say that she has ‘tortitude’, the particular attitude given to tortoise-shell colored kitties.

Sinewy and wary at 9 months, she has proved to be a love, and we have welcomed her with open arms and hearts into our home.

Boo, though, still questions her motives…

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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