In Memory of Fenway…

Our lovely, gentle, beautiful cat, Fenway, has died. He suddenly came down with an obstructed urethra, and even if we elected to correct it, there was a very good chance that he would develop the symptoms again.

The first photo shows him three hours before I had to take him to the Vet. He is lying on the kitchen floor in much pain, and you can see the sadness in his magnificent eyes.

The second photo shows him one hour before I made my very sorrowful drive to the Vet’s office, to have him put to sleep. I went alone, and it was a tremendously wrenching affair. I held him as he received two shots, and watched the life slowly ebb from his beautiful gray body.

The third picture is a close-up, as we wish to remember him, a beautiful, sad, wonderful creature, who gave us all immense joy. He especially was quite fond of our 10 year old, and he always waited for our son to return from school. Fenway’s last hours were spent in our son’s room, nestled amongst the toys, and when I retrieved him from the room for the very last time, he was curled up on the covers of the bed, one last comfort to his sickly and melancholy soul.

After the Vet, I took him home, so the boys could say one last goodbye. Our 10 year old placed him in a box, along with a photo of him, and a few cat toys that Fenway loved to play with. We even placed a little baggie of cat food in there, for his journeys in Kitty Heaven.

I then traveled alone with Fenway and, parking near the entrance of the State Park, walked with him and a shovel to where my Dad’s ashes were strewn, a calming place where herons nest and soft winds caress the surrounding cat tails.

There, beneath a pine tree, did I bury him, covering him with the soft Spring earth. I scattered leaves and pine needles over the grave, and then sat in silence, listening to the redwing black birds and watching the herons in the high dead trees. I sat there, and drank a beer, in honor of my dear Dad and now his fellow companion.

We miss you so much, Fenway, and we all loved you very much. May your gentle soul find much peace and comfort, wherever your beautiful gray countenance may be.

Goodbye, dear friend. Farewell, sweet Fenway…

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


2 responses to “In Memory of Fenway…

  1. So sorry Paul

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. He is very much missed, and it has been a pleasure to have Maggie here as his replacement. Not entirely, of course, but in spirit.

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