Sound Effects From the Road…


Isn’t it fascinating to ponder the many sounds one hears in the course of a single day?

Why, just this past weekend, when my wife and I were returning from a most pleasing respite in Narragansett, we heard a cornucopia of strange sounds emanating from the rear of our Ford Escape.

Julie works with Early Intervention, from infants up to three years old, and so she has an abundance of age-appropriate toys in the vehicle. Over the course of our journey home, an astounding array of bleats and squawks and squeaky voices greeted our ears. It proved rather humorous, as we had no idea what noise would come next.

And then, sure enough, with the next bump in the road we heard the dulcet tones of Cookie Monster, exclaiming us to “PLAY IT AGAIN!”, his loud gruff voice booming from a saxophone, a toy that contains many different sound effects.

A mere quarter-mile later, Minnie Mouse chimed in with “Peek-a-boo! I see you!”, and then she proceeded to giggle. After her laughter, the toy ended with a ‘BOING!’, a sound much like a Jack-In-the-Box opening to startled eyes.

We could not help but smile at such a bizarre collection of hilarious sounds. No sooner did Minnie end her squeaky giggle did Mickey chime in with “Whew! That was close!” accompanied by a muted trumpet that played the same scale for the next few minutes. What jolly fun as we continued on.

But wait, there’s more! After these unseen outbursts from the back, a distinct mooing issued forth from yet another jostled and ungulate toy. We were then  treated to a lovely instrumental of ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’, followed by a fabulous rendition of ‘Farmer in the Dell’. It was, to say the least, quite joyous.

And then once again it was “PLAY IT AGAIN!”, and “Peek-a-boo!”, and “Moo!” and “BOING!”, these sounds colliding in a chaotic cacophony with every ripple in the road. (At this juncture we were quite elated to realize that our arrival time home was a mere 90 minutes away.)

Have kids? Well, then you know first hand how funny our homeward  journey must have been, a trip filled with a symphony of sounds from tiny toys.

We highly recommend it. Oh, by the way. Would…would you like a few toys?…

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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