“Sparklies” in Rhode Island…

Along the southern tip of Conanicut Island, in Jamestown, RI, exists a spectacular parcel of land called Fort Wetherill, a deactivated coastal artillery base that was given to the state after World War II. It now operates as a sprawling 51-acre State Park.

Sitting high atop rugged granite cliffs, this outpost provides incredible views of the entrance to Narragansett Bay.

Here then is where Julie and I ventured one day during the summer, just the two of us, to witness such solitude and ethereal splendor. We did stop by earlier in the summer, with our young boy in tow, but then we did not know the extent of this magnificent stretch of shore.

This time, Julie and I picnicked along one of the many bluffs, sitting in beach chairs with coolers nearby, reading or gazing out into the channel, watching a flotilla of watercraft sailing by. An erratic onshore breeze provided frissons of slight discomfort, but with occasional lulls the sun vanquished our horripilations.

For the most part we chose to simply gaze at the myriad of boats that streamed in and out of the bay, our books flat and flapping in our laps. The sun gave brilliance to the sea, shattering its light into shimmering shards of radiance upon every swell. ‘Sparklies’ is what Julie calls them, and that endearing adjective perfectly describes such a vivid and vibrant vista.

Come summer, we shall definitely find ourselves once again immersed in such wondrous environs, to become enchanted with the sea, and the hypnotic sparklies that dance upon every wave.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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