Boo, Miles and Fenway…

…and their alter egos.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our kitties (like most cats) possess unique personalities and, at times, are quite predictable. I am  certain that cat owners out there will readily agree with my assessment of these engaging animals, that felines in general never fail to deliver a smile or two upon your face. (depending, of course, upon how many mouths you have.)

Take for example our three very different kitties. Just to the left of here is Miles who, at times, thinks he is the great and powerful ‘Yertle the Turtle’. He loves climbing on things, and always wants to be as high as possible.

Right below him, that big black thing sprawled on the rug is Boo, our resident behemoth. (Miles probably looks down at Boo, thinking him the poor turtle Mack.) Here, Boo does his best impersonation of a sea otter, and the only thing missing is the gnawed carcass of a salmon splayed on his ample belly. Although an exceedingly docile kitty he is–despite his monstrous girth–quite agile, and will instantly snag an unsuspecting mouse with his giant mitts.

Thirdly, we have our Eeyore-cat-in-residence, Fenway, more affectionately known as Churchill. Just look at the comparison, with Sir Winston facing the English country side. The resemblance is rather startling, and the only thing missing from Fenway’s countenance is the Derby hat!

At times, we think that Fenway needs Kitty Prozac, but all in all he does ok. But compared to the friskiness of our other two felines, he chooses to keep a forlorn visage.

All three of our adorable kitties are well loved, and we never tire of their varied antics. And as I sit here composing this morning’s drivel, Boo is curled up on our rocking chair (he barely fits), Churchill…I mean, Eeyore…no, I mean Fenway, is in the sunroom, staring at starlings, while Miles bathes in a sunbeam on my son’s bed.

What’s not to like about these magnificent creatures, I dare ask?

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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