Forays into Savers…

Astoundingly, have Julie and I recently ventured into a store known as Savers. Not once, not twice, but at three different times and, at three different locations! Within the past two days did we pass through their portals, searching for Buddha-knows-what and yet, one never knows what fabulous treasures one will find in this kind of establishment.

We did not find any treasures whatsoever.

But, we did manage to find some fine articles of clothing, as well as a smattering of books, and a few candles that proved worthy, as they dripped not a drop upon illumination.

Savers is the kind of place where upon arrival you are immediately overwhelmed with the aroma (a rather polite word) of…mothballs. Instantly are you transported to your Aunt Bertha or Grandma Ethel’s house, where such an odor is de rigueur. ‘Jesus, what is that smell?’, you might have asked yourself.

But once thoroughly ensconced in the bowels of such a store will the smell begin to dissipate, and then can you proceed to peruse the sundry items of bric-a-brac and bibelots that populate the dust-laden shelves.

‘Oh, will you look at that! Just what I needed. Another goddamn bleeding Jesus crucifix stained with remnants of cookie dough or–hold on!–I believe it to be encrusted jelly donut fingerprints!’

Did…did I fail to mention that no treasures were to be found?

I must attest, though, that during our scavenging moments there, we did buy a few things and, as I sit here typing this post, we are thoroughly enjoying the ambience of the candles as they shed their pleasing dripless glow.

Do feel free to cross the threshold of such a store and perhaps you, too, will be able to exit with untold wondrous treasures.

Tomorrow, off to Building 19…

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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