Feline Personal…


Just the subject itself conjures a myriad of images, whether positive or negative. But here, in our small but comfortable abode, our three kitties provide the former. Well, ok, as far as the latter, kitty puke and cleaning litter boxes are not so pleasant. Oh, and occasionally, a monstrous fur ball that defies logic.

Boo, our big black shadow of a cat always provides a preponderance of hilarious antics, whether gazing at us upside-down with his big moon eyes, or chasing various tiny toys after consuming a heaping helping of catnip. (I have always wondered what the human equivalent is…probably red wine & dark chocolate.)

Fenway, on the other hand, is the Eeyore-in-residence feline, as he always appears to be in a rather melancholic mood, his countenance hunched and sad. When he sits with his backside to us, his bulk looks like Churchill; huddled, with a gray mantle of fur, like an overcoat. A hat is the only thing missing to complete the visual.

And Miles? Well, he is our ‘two-ounce’ cat, at least, that is what I call him. Compared to the immense bulk of the other two (Boo: 18 lbs.; Fenway: 10 lbs) he remains tiny and wraith-like, and when he deigns to curl up on your lap, you cannot feel his weight in the least.

Affectionately, I call Boo and Fenway ‘Fathead’, but for Miles I reserve the moniker ‘Squirrelhead’ as he does possess a rather small noggin.

All three get along handsomely, although at times Boo plays the bully, swatting at the others with his big mitts (double-pawed) for an extra morceau of orts, or clawing at them to get a choice spot near the heater.

As for peculiar traits, Miles loves to lick plastic shopping bags, then crawl inside them. Don’t ask me why. Boo loves to lick a particular soft white blanket, and crawl into any box, no matter the size. And Fenway, good ol’ lachrymose Eeyore, likes to scratch anything within reach after using the litter box. Mind you, he never actually scrapes or scratches litter onto his…um, excretions, but scratches at the wall, or the air, or the top of the litter box. Yeah, I know. He’s rather odd.

But other than these varied idiosyncrasies, it always remains a pleasure to come home after a long weekend away and look down to witness their concerned and alarmed cat faces peering back at you, as if they had thought we had completely abandoned them forever.

Yes, sometimes cats can be a bother but for the most part they are wonderful pets and all four of us love our three felines dearly.

Now time for me to clean up some still-steaming cat puke in the corner and shovel out the stinky litter boxes….

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All rights Reserved.


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