Last Light

Whether December or August vistas vie for your attention, the waning light from a wan winter afternoon or once brilliant summer day can hold one spellbound by its sheer magnificence.

To witness a sliver of sun upon a snow-covered copse can be rather breathtaking. Or perhaps you are the last sun worshipper who has stayed upon a stretch of sand, soaking up every last ray of sun. And before that enthralling orb sets upon the horizon, a brilliant shaft illuminates a lone house in the distance, the sunlit side standing in stark contrast to the gathering shadows that loom.

As in Hopper’s inspiring painting above, the last light upon any surface makes one pause and ponder such ethereal magic. Be it rooftops or trees, a solitary telephone pole or seagull almost in silhouette, the last vestiges of light never fail to entrance one’s soul.

Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved


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