Dreadfully Debased

Simply ‘Awe’-ful

 You will never find me using the word awesome in any of my writing, except in this relatively short post expounding upon the overkill  and corruption of this once magnificent word.

 Everywhere you look, especially in the sporting world, fans gush exuberantly over their respective heroes, always uttering that same word. “They were so awesome!” “It was the most awesome game I’ve ever seen!” “That Tom Brady is sooooo awesome!!”

 Jesus H.

 It is too bad, as there are so many other worthy words out there that can substitute for this misused and ubiquitous adjective. What about astonishing? Or majestic? How about amazing, breathtaking, wondrous, grand, striking, or stupefying? Just a few wonderful words that can replace the much besmirched ‘awesome’.

 Those who wax rhapsodic over their vicarious pop and sporting gods’, please do pause and cogitate prior to emitting that sullied and tarnished but once marvelous and fabulous word.

 Come February 5th, enjoy the inspiring Superbowl.

 Copyright, Paul Grignon, 2012, All Rights Reserved.


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